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Developing Tomorrow's Energy Technologies Today

Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy

Created under the America Competes Act of 2007, the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy or ARPA-E, is an agency within the Department of Energy (DOE) that funds the development and deployment of transformational energy technologies and systems. ARPA-E’s mission is to overcome the long-term and high-risk technological barriers in the development of energy technologies.

Since the first round of funding in 2009, ARPA-E programs have been exploring creative technologies that promise genuine transformation in the ways we generate, store, transmit, and utilize energy. Unlike conventional DOE research, ARPA-E funds concepts that industry alone cannot support, but whose success would dramatically benefit the nation. Its high-risk, high-reward programs aim to substantially reduce foreign energy imports, cut energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, and improve efficiency across the energy spectrum. To date, more than $520 million has been awarded for some 180 cutting-edge research projects aimed at dramatically improving how the U.S. produces and uses energy. Learn more here.

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