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Celebrating Earth Day Every Day at BNL

Earth Week Logo

While Brookhaven’s researchers run our huge science machines, we also have hundreds of employees that maintain our roads, keep our lights, heat, and AC on, and keep us safe and secure. Among those employees is our Environmental Protection Division (EPD) that is responsible for programs that ensure compliance with environmental regulatory and permit requirements, handles Lab waste materials, and monitors the natural resources found on-site. The division also manages our Pollution Prevention Programs and, each April, they organize our Earth Day activities.

Over the years, Brookhaven’s observance of Earth Day has developed into a week-long celebration. This year, our Earth Week celebration is all about sustainability as part of our commitment to Operational Excellence. Sustainable goals help us choose our direction as a community for responsible energy, water, and materials consumption not just in April, but all year long. Conservation and recycling are at the core of the Lab’s sustainability plan, and EPD is here to help us make smart green choices every day.

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