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Portal to Discovery offers “Hands-On” Science Explorations

science explorations

Deciphering the structure of a tiny protein using an x-ray beam, learning how the world’s largest telescope will peer farther into our universe than ever before, building a remotely operated vehicle to conduct underwater environmental testing, and engineering a linear magnetic accelerator are just a few of the activities local students will have the opportunity to experience at the Lab this summer. 

The Portal to Discovery, a new partnership between Brookhaven’s Office of Educational Programs and the Long Island Matrix of Science and Technology, is hosting “Summer Science Explorations,” a variety of hands-on science camps for students entering grades 4 through 12. 

Current research is emphasized throughout the courses and guest lecturers will include members of the Lab’s scientific and technical staff. Some programs also include visits to scientific facilities. Participation in “Summer Science Explorations” may be just what sparks a student’s interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics!

To learn more call (631) 344-4495 or visit:

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