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A Note from Steve Dierker

Steve Dierker

In 2012, we mark the 30th anniversary of the first year of NSLS operations.

Over the past three decades, the National Synchrotron Light Source has been remarkably productive, enabling two Nobel Prizes and countless other discoveries. That record is a testament to the strong user community we support and to our excellent staff.

We have posted historic material online as part of the Photon Sciences website (, where you can click on a colorful 30-year graphic.

Here is the direct link to that site:

Going through the history has been interesting – and fun! I invite you to browse through the material. Many of you have been part of the wonderful and amazing history of NSLS.

At the annual users meeting May 21-23, I presented our plans to move forward on developing a set of nine beamlines at NSLS-II by reusing components from multiple beamlines at NSLS. Known collectively as NxtGen, these beamlines will use bending magnet, three-pole wiggler, or infrared sources at NSLS-II.

We expect NxtGen to move forward on a schedule that includes transferring components from NSLS to NSLS-II in mid to late fiscal year 2014 and commissioning them at the beginning of FY15, shortly after the start of NSLS-II operations. The resulting beamlines will be a very exciting and productive addition to the new facility. See the article in this issue of eNews for a more complete accounting of beamlines for early science at NSLS-II.

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