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New Energy Storage Technology

Superconducting Magnets at RHIC

Superconducting Magnets at RHIC

RHIC relies on powerful superconducting magnets to generate the immense power and speed needed to accelerate and collide heavy particles. Because of the role these superconducting magnets play, BNL is among the world's leading centers for research and development on the science and technology of superconductivity.

In fact, BNL scientists are world-renowned for their expertise in designing magnets with high-temperature superconducting materials which lose all their resistance when cooled by liquid nitrogen. The magnetic fields generated by these magnets can hold enormous quantities of electrical energy. Their qualities mean that they could provide the basis for a new generation of especially powerful, highly efficient energy storage devices. This type of storage would significantly improve the prospects for integrating energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar into the mix that currently feeds the nation's electric grid.

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