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Discovery Science Fuels Economy

In an economy that is increasingly built on science and technology, Brookhaven National Lab is one of Long Island’s – and New York State’s – leading scientific enterprises. In a recent economic impact report on RHIC, it was stated that RHIC accounts for a significant part of all activity at the Laboratory. In FY12, RHIC’s operating budget of $157 million supported 859 Brookhaven employees – more than 25 percent of the Lab’s employee population.

However, RHIC’s influence on the economy goes beyond the Laboratory; it also impacts the state and local economy. In the report analysts found:

  • The total economic output generated in New York State by RHIC and visiting researchers is $183.4 million;
  • Directly and indirectly, RHIC supports a total of 1,469 full-time equivalent jobs including jobs at BNL and elsewhere on Long Island and throughout New York State, and
  • More than $114 million in earnings is generated by these full-time jobs.

In just twelve years, investments in RHIC have already yielded significant advances in physics and in applied science and technology; they’ve also had a significant impact on the region’s economy. Over the next decade, RHIC’s impact could be even greater.

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