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BNL ACTs to Help Develop Technologies

Lab and DOE staff on the ACT project team

Lab and DOE staff on the ACT project team

Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) has received approval from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to participate in a pilot initiative to make it easier for companies and other organizations to take advantage of Brookhaven Lab's research capabilities. This initiative is intended to expand the deployment of America's unique advantages in innovation through the national laboratories to create jobs and accelerate the development of new clean energy and other state-of-the-art technologies.

Agreements for Commercializing Technology, or ACT, will reduce the barriers for businesses and startups interested in working with the national laboratories. ACT, which Brookhaven had a strong role in developing, will help bring job-creating technologies to the market faster. 

ACT also complements the goals of the "Startup America" initiative and is a key part of the DOE's response to call to "Accelerate Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Federal Research in Support of High-Growth Business."

Learn more about technology and partnership opportunities at Brookhaven.

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