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Congratulations, Spotlight Award Winners

Spotlight Awards

Click on the image to download a high-resolution version. Some of the Brookhaven Lab employees who received Spotlight Awards for fiscal year 2012.

Hats off to the 209 Brookhaven Lab employees who received Spotlight Awards for extending extraordinary efforts in response to the needs of their departments or divisions in fiscal year 2012. The awardees were recognized during the annual employee award ceremony on June 25. They are:

Basic Energy Sciences Directorate: Linda Hanlon

Biology Department: Michael Blewitt, Alicia Johnson, Christian Roessler, Jingchuan Sun, and John Trunk

Budget Office: Maureen McDonnell

Business Operations Directorate: Ayse Frosina, DJ Greco, Cynthia Klemm, Janine Mehlinger, Jennifer O'Connor, and Carrie Sauter

Center for Functional Nanomaterials: Fernando Camino, Kim Kisslinger, Mingzhao Liu, Chris Ruggiero, Peter Sun, and Judy Thompson

Chemistry Department: James Anselmini, Suzanne Golisz, and Lee Walcott

Collider Accelerator Department: Richard Anderson, Henry Ashby, John Benante, Cyrus Biscardi, Ian Blackler, Gladys Blas, Steven Bubka, Martin Candito Jr., Joseph Citro, Timothy Costanzo, Nils Danielson, Roger Davis, Lenny DeSanto, Frank Donato, Harold Dorr, Frank Dusek, Arthur Fernando, Michael Hamilton, Terry Higgins, Garry Hubbard, Robert Hulsart, Stephen Jao, James Kelly, Nicholas Kling, Kevin Kobasiuk, Chuyu Liu, Kevin Mernick, Christine Meyer, John Moloney Jr., John Moore, Frank Naase, David Nace II, Joseph O'Conor, John Pomaro, Joseph Sanfilippo, Ken Sawicki, Caitlin Scholl, Kirk Sinclair, Tasha Summers, Patrick Talty, Mathew Vescovi, Lawrence Vogt, Don Von Lintig, Alan Weston, Dan Wilson, Stanley Yakaboski, Christopher Zarcone, Yi Zhang, Jordan Ziegler, and Paul Ziminski

Community, Education, Government & Public Affairs Directorate: Gloria Bennett, Cynthia Biancarosa, Nora Detweiler, Elaine Lowenstein, Karen McNulty-Walsh, Will Safer, and Bernadette Uzzi

Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science Department: Milinda Abeykoon, Miriam Garcia-Fernandez, Lauri Peragine, and Lijun Wu

Energy & Utilities Division: Denise Miesell-Bingham

Environment & Life Sciences Directorate: Mary Campbell

Environment, Safety & Health Directorate: Eric Johannsen

Environmental Sciences Department: Mary Jane Bartholomew and Gabriel Vignato

Environmental Services Division: Joy Haskins and Karen Ratel

Facilities & Operations Directorate: Donna Pfeiffer

Facility Operations Office: Alison Flodin and Joann Giambalvo

Fiscal Services Division: Fred Benjamin, Charlotte Buck, Marge Desmond, Sherma John-Abbott, Carolyn Lampasona, Debbie Pettit and Linda Sinatra

Global and Regional Solutions Directorate: Jeanne Madaia

Human Resources & Occupational Medicine Division: Monique Armann, Louisa Barone, Melissa Bittrolff, Diane Di Blasi, Margaret Douglas, Patricia Edwards, Elizabeth Gilbert, Deborah "Sam" Harkins, Monica Jackson, Donna Lombardi, Mary McGrath, Starr Munson, Jim Nemeth, Rosa Palmore, Denise Rodgers, Janet Sikora, Joanne Sommaruga, and Ana Toldo

Information Technology Division: Tim Campbell, David Cortijo, Dan Fedele, Mark Lukasczyk, Rafael Perez, and Will Smart

Instrumentation Division: John Triolo and John Walsh

Internal Audit & Oversight Office: Margaret Sparrow

Medical Department: Susan Smith

Modernization Project Office: Susan Hulse and Snezana Stojanovic Ranjbar

Nonproliferation & National Security Department: Jay Disser, Donna Gill, Christine Scaffidi, Kelly Smith, Tracy Trent, and Michelle Voelker

Nuclear Science & Technology Department: Maryann Julian and Randy Weidner

Office of Technology Commercialization & Partnerships: Virgina Coccorese and Cyrena Condemi

Photon Sciences Directorate: Christopher Amundsen, Guillermo Aparicio, Jianming Bai, Paula Callejas-Lynn, Michael Caruso, Todd Corwin, Michael Davidsaver, Joseph Dvorak, Rick Greene, M.A. Hussain, Rich Iaccarino, Sonya Kiss, Dennis Kuhne, Edwin Lazo, Frank Lincoln, Leisa McGee, Brian Mullany, Mike Schwarz, Bruno Semon, Victor Usack, Brian Walsh, Charlie Weilbrenner, and Gabrielle Wilson

Physics Department: Maureen Anderson, Kelly Carroll, Marjorie Chaloupka, John DeStefano, Pamela Esposito, Mariette Faulkner, Rachel Inguanta-Nieves, Bill Lenz, Mike Lenz, Elizabeth Mogavero, Rachel Nieves, Chris Pontieri, William Strecker-Kellogg, and Frank Toldo

Procurement & Property Management Division: Michelle Barsalona-Orlando, Linda Commander, Ildiko Csehely Orlando, Frank D'Agostino, Frank Nemeth, Matthew White, and Susan Cuevas

Quality Management Office: Sabine Kessler, Tina Morrison, and Stasia Ann Scocca

Radiological Control Division: Gregory Condemi, Andy Levine, Michael Robles, Raymond Romanski, Patrick Sullivan, and Samuel Velazque

Safety & Health Services Division: Walter Czekaj, Fred Horn, and Mark Marco

Site Resources Division: James McNaughton

Staff Services Division: Christine Carter and Joanne Rula-Delles

Superconducting Magnet Division: Sebastian Dimaiuta, William McKeon, Andrew Sauerwald, and Thomas Van Winckel

Sustainable Energy Technologies Department: Susan Lattuca, and Sabrina Parrish

Waste Management Division: Dan Blakely, Allen Jones, Joe Pavlak, and Carol Shea

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