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Global Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (GIPP)

Brookhaven National Lab is one of eight DOE National Laboratories that supports the Global Initiatives in Proliferation Prevention (GIPP) program in the Office of Nuclear Controls (NA-242).

The GIPP program is a U.S. DOE/NNSA national security program whose mission is to reduce the threat of weapons of mass destruction proliferation. It strives to stabilize and engage civilian enterprises, the institutes, personnel and technology formerly dedicated to developing and manufacturing weapons of mass destruction in the former Soviet Union (FSU). The program addresses proliferation risk reduction through laboratory-to-laboratory cooperative research and development projects in the FSU and commercial technology development projects involving partners from U.S. industry. Commercialization is one of the key elements of long term sustainability of GIPP’s mission.

GIPP projects support weapon scientists and institutes in the FSU countries that are suffering economically, through joint collaboration on civilian and security related research, in support of U.S. nonproliferation objectives. These projects identify technologies for commercialization that have market potential for profit both to the U.S. and FSU. These partnerships are formed by U.S. National Laboratories between U.S. Industry (the Industry Partner) and FSU Institutes, with the expectation that profitable GIPP-commercialized projects will aid in sustainability of GIPP’s mission by providing long term employment to former WMD scientists in civilian enterprises.

The ideas of new projects come from BNL scientists, FSU scientists and U.S. Industry. The BNL program manager develops the cooperative proposal among these three participants and submits them to DOE’s GIPP Program office for the review process. Proposals that undergo successful review are approved for funding by GIPP’s office in NNSA but are subject to the availability of funds. Brookhaven National Laboratory has participated in over 30 partnership projects under the GIPP program.

field-portable detector

Field-portable detector uses Russian CZT crystal-growth technology

laser ultrasonic device

A Laser Ultrasonic Device For Residual Stress Measurement

mini neitron generator

Miniature Neutron Generator Design for Brachytherapy

IFT prototype

IFT Prototype DD Neutron Generator

BNL scientists and U.S. Companies interested in participating in the GIPP program should contact the BNL program manager for further guidance. This is a great opportunity for U.S. Industry to develop new technology at very small cost and for BNL scientists to try new ideas.