DOE/NP Review of BLIP
Brookhaven National Laboratory

19-20 November 2009
Draft Agenda



Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009, Berkner Hall Room B

8:00 8:40 am Executive Session

8:40 9:00 am Welcome and How BLIP Fits In, S. Vigdor (15+5)

          Interface with RHIC operations and plans
          Synergies and leveraging from other research at BNL
          Isotope production in the BNL organization

9:00 10:00 am Overview of BLIP Operations and Accomplishments, L. Mausner (45+15)

          BLIP operational modes and costs
          Recent research and technical accomplishments and impact
          Performance metrics and recent performance
          Present and proposed staffing levels and budgets
          Resource distribution & balance between R&D and commercial production
          Coordination with other national isotope production facilities
          Hot cell capabilities and isotope processing

10:00 10:15 am Break

10:15 11:00 am Isotope Production R&D, D. Medvedev (30+15)

          Examples of recent isotope R&D highlights from BLIP
          Planned R&D work and ARRA funding

11:00 11:30 am Accelerator Issues, D. Lowenstein (20+10)

          Linac reliability, maintenance and scheduling
          C-AD vs. BLIP staff responsibilities (MoU)
          Present hourly charges and charging mechanisms for the future

11:30 am 11: 50 pm ES&H and QA Issues, J. Bullis (15+5)

          Safety procedures and record, for both BLIP and hot cells
          QA procedures for both commercial and R&D production

11:50 1:00 pm Closed Lunch/Executive Session

1:00 2:15 pm Tour of BLIP and Hot Cells

2:15 3:00 pm Planning for the Future, L. Mausner (30+15)

          Stand-alone cyclotron facility for isotope production
          Succession planning for isotope production staff
          Training of next generation

3:00 3:15 pm Break

3:15 4:30 pm Break-Out Sessions (Berkner Hall Rooms A & B)

Panel will split into two groups: 1) Management/cost/safety/workforce;
and 2)  R&D, processing, operations.
The first group includes Vigdor, Mausner and Lowenstein; the second group
all remaining technical, scientific and engineering staff in the program.

4:30 7:30 pm Executive Session

6:00 pm Homework Assignments

7:30 pm Dinner

Friday, Nov. 20, 2009

8:00 9:00 am BNL Answers to Homework Assignments

9:00 10:30 am further breakout as needed

10:30 am 3:00 Preparation of Committee Report

3:00 pm Closeout


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