Annual DOE/Nuclear Physics Review

of RHIC Science and Technology


July 18-20, 2007
Berkner Hall, BNL

DRAFT Agenda

 July 18, 2007

Berkner Room B


0745 Panel members arrive, set-up laptop and seated

0800 DOE Executive Session
0845 Welcome                                                                   S. Aronson

0900 Overview Associate Director’s Perspective                 P. Bond [20+10 min]

Vision, Priorities & Prospects – Mid-term and Long term
Core Competencies
Overview of RHIC operations
Response to previous DOE S&T review
Reorganization and Lab support of NP


0930 PHENIX                                                                    B. Jacak [30+10 min]
        RHIC Accomplishments, Status, Plans & Issues

1010 Break

1030 STAR                                                                        T. Hallman [30+10min]

        RHIC Accomplishments, Status, Plans & Issues

1110 SPIN                                                                                          L. Bland [30+10 min]

        RHIC Accomplishments, Status, Plans & Issues

1145 C-AD Operations overview                                         D. Lowenstein [30+15 min]

Status and Facility Performance of RHIC
RHIC Machine Performance, Technical Accomplishments
Plans – How are they integrated with the BNL Strategic plan,

1230 LUNCH and DOE Executive Session

1400 Update of the Mid-Term Strategic Plan                        T. Ludlam [40+20 min]

1500 RHIC Operations and Evolution                                   T. Roser [30+15 min]

Prospects and plans to increase luminosity and polarization
Impacts on plans on the scientific research

1545   DOE Executive Session

18:00 Questions for BNL – Homework


July 19, 2007

Berkner Room A

0800 DOE Executive Session


Breakout Session A: Accelerator Operations and Infrastructure Berkner Room C

0900 Accelerator Performance Analysis                                       A. Drees [30+10 min]

0940 Polarization & Luminosity Improvement                       M. Bai [20+10 min]

1010 RHIC Stochastic Cooling                                              M. Brennan [20+10 min]

Status of R&D – Upgrades, competencies needed
Prospects and plans to establish feasibility
How is the accelerator R&D integrated with BNL Strategic Plan? Impacts?

10:40 Coffee Break

1100 RHIC R&D – ERL and eCooling                                       I. Ben-Zvi [20+10 min]

Status of R&D – Upgrades, competencies needed
Update on plans to establish feasibility
How is the plan integrated with BNL Strategic Plan? Impacts?




1130 Accelerator Development for eRHIC                              V. Litvinenko [15+5 min]

1150 AIP and CE Plans for RHIC                                                       W. Fischer [30+10 min]

1230 Lunch and DOE Executive Session

1400 Plenary Session in Room B


Breakout Session B: Scientific Program Berkner Room B



0900 Nuclear Theory Program and RBRC                                       D. Kharzeev [30+10 min]

Interplay between theory and experiment program

0940 The Lattice Gauge Theory Group                                   F. Karsch [15+5 min]

1000 Coffee Break

1010 BNL Experimental Scientific Groups

Research and experiment operations: productivity, accomplishments, and issues

PHENIX                                              D. Morrison [20+5 min]

STAR                                                 W. Christie [20+5 min]

New Heavy Ion Research Group               F. Videbaek [20+5 min]

11:25 RCF Operations and plans                                          M. Ernst [25+10 min]

Status and Facility Performance of RCF
Plans & Needs in the context of BNL Strategic Plan
Accomplishments and productivity technical staff
Present resource allocation, including manpower and equipment
High-level breakout of funding of RCF activities and capital equipment turnover.
STAR and PHENIX Computing Issues

1200 Discussion

1230 Lunch and DOE Executive Session


Plenary Session

Berkner Room B


1400 Polarimetry Physics/CA-D program and coordination    G. Bunce [15+5 min]

1420 Instrumentation                                                         G. DeGeronimo [15+5 min]

1440 Safety                                                                                         E. Lessard [15+5 min]

1500 RHIC Users presentation                                             J. Hill [15+5 min]

1520 Coffee Break

1530 BNL Response to Questions

1600 DOE Executive Session

1800 Questions for BNL


July 20, 2007

Berkner Room B

0800 Questions and Answers with Laboratory Management

0900 DOE Executive Session and Report writing

1400 Review Close Out

1430 Adjourn







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