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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

Peer Counseling

The Nuclear & Particle Physics (NPP) Directorate has an informal avenue that provides an alternative safe place for NPP staff to discuss concerns that might not rise to the level of the BNL’s formal complaint process that typically requires investigation through the Lab-Wide Employee Support System.

Peer Counselling is for staff who would like to discuss something that is on their mind and gain some ideas and advice, for example:

  • A difference of opinion or conflict with a fellow employee or supervisor.
  • A problem that is bothering them that they could use assistance in charting a path forward.

Individual members of the NPP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Council will be available to listen, advise, and assist staff with problem resolution.

The NPP Peer Counselor services are available to any BNL employee, independent of the division/department where the BNL employee works. The counselor can arrange for spaces that allow for privacy if the BNL employee has any concerns about meeting them in their office.

Four principles guide the work of the Peer Counselor


The Peer Counselor is here to listen but does not advocate; a Peer Counselor facilitates communication and assists parties to reach mutually acceptable outcomes.


The Peer Counselor tries to help people resolve conflicts as early as possible and at the lowest possible level. No formal records are kept.

The NPP Peer Counselor may work with a staff member to help resolve an issue but will not investigate and does not represent an investigative body.

The program does not replace a formal complaint process.


The Peer Counselor will keep all information provided confidential and will only initiate communications with others at the behest of the visitor. The exception to this is any potential violation of law, US Department of Energy (DOE) Regulations and/or Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) requirements, or an imminent hazard, in which case the NPP Peer Counselor must promptly refer the matter to the appropriate BNL manager for action and resolution.


The NPP Peer Counselors are members of the NPP DE&I Council and the NPP Directorate and report only to the Associate Laboratory Director (ALD) for NPP. The mission of the NPP DE&I Council can be found here.