General Lab Information

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

Funded Proposals

In FY19, the NPP DE&I Council has supported, in full or partially, the following activities, aimed at increasing the inclusion and diversity across NPP and BNL:

  • The research visit of one (1) Master student.
  • The research visit of four (4) PhD students.
  • The hiring of two (2) early-career researchers.
  • The research visit of one (1) SULI student.
  • The participation of two (2) NPP employees to attend the Women in STEM Leadership Program at Stony Brook University. This will recur annually.
  • The participation of eighteen (18) CUNY students and one (1) Associate Professor to attend the Advanced Accelerator Laboratory Class (Stony Brook PHY546, ATF AE63) at the Accelerator Test Facility of the Collider-Accelerator Department.
  • The participation of five (5) students in the STEM-Prep Summer Institute’s four-week enrichment program for under-represented minorities in science. Learn more about the program.  
  • The visit of two (2) professors to give a lecture or a talk.
  • The AAAG scholarships for minority high-school students.
  • The partnership between BNL and the INCREASE* Consortium.

* INCREASE is a Consortium of under-represented minority university faculty seeking access to DOE user facilities to augment research capabilities at their respective institutions and whose partnership includes a wide network to recruit diverse participants in its internship programs thereby enhancing the diversity of the user facility community.