8-10 September 2004 PAC Meeting



PAC Recommendations (9/10/04)


2005 RHIC Beam Use Proposals

BRAHMS    PHENIX    Phobos    STAR

AGS Proposals, Expressions-of-Interest, & Letters-of-Intent

E964R: Systematic Study of Double Strangeness System by an Emulsion-Counter Hybrid Method, K. Imai et al.

P969: Muon g-2, L. Roberts et al.

P970: Search for a Permanent Deuteron Electric Dipole Moment, Y Semertzidis et al.

LoI: Neutrino Scattering Experiment Using an AGS Neutrino Beam, B. Fleming et al.

LoI: Search for the Pentaquark, L. Littenberg et al.

EoI: A Comprehensive New Detector at RHIC-II, R. Bellwied et al. (rev. 8/19/04)

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