RHIC Program Review

by the Nuclear Physics Division
of the U.S. Department of Energy

Brookhaven National Laboratory

July 9-11, 2003



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Wednesday, July 9 Berkner Room B

8:00 am DOE Executive Session

8:45 am Welcome, P. Chaudhari

9:00 am Overview and Future Vision, T. Kirk

9:30 am PHENIX Exp., Ops/Research/R&D/Upgrades, W. Zajc

10:15 am Coffee Break

10:30 am STAR Exp., Ops/Research/R&D/Upgrades, T. Hallman

11:15 am PHOBOS Exp., Ops/Research/R&D/Upgrades, W. Busza

11:45 am BRAHMS Exp., Ops/Research/R&D/Upgrades, D. Beavis

12:15 pm DOE Working Lunch Berkner A

1:15 pm Nuclear Theory Program, L. McLerran

1:45 pm RHIC Spin Program, L. Bland

2:30 pm Coffee Break

2:45 pm Collider-Accelerator Department Operations, D. Lowenstein

3:30 pm RHIC Experiments Operations, P. Pile

3:50 pm RHIC BNL Experiments Program S. Aronson

4:30 pm DOE Executive Session

6:00 pm Reception: Berkner Patio, weather permitting

7:00 pm Review Banquet Berkner Cafeteria

Thursday, July 10 Berkner Room B

8:30 am RHIC Computing Facility, T. Throwe

9:00 am RHIC Operations/R&D/Upgrades, T. Roser

9:40 am Detector Upgrade R&D Plans, T. Ludlam

10:10 am Coffee Break

10:30 am Tour and Topical visits (to be arranged)

12:15 pm DOE Working Lunch

1:30 pm Superconducting Magnets Program, M. Harrison

2:00 pm Instrumentation Division Program, V. Radeka

2:30 pm Coffee Break

2:45 pm RHIC-AGS User Office Activities, S. White-DePace

3:00 pm RHIC-AGS Users Organization, S.V. Greene

3:30 pm DOE Executive Session

5:30 pm Questions for BNL Presenters

6:00 pm Adjourn

Friday, July 11 Berkner Room B

8:30 am Presentation of BNL Answers to Questions

9:30 am DOE Executive Session

12:30 pm Review Closeout

1:00 pm Adjourn

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