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2010 Beamline Development Proposals — Results

NSLS-II Rendering

The 2010 call for beamline development proposals for the National Synchrotron Light Source II yielded 54 submissions. More than half 34 are approved, based on consideration of the submitted proposals, the oral presentations by each team, the views of the Science Advisory Committee and SAC Study Panels, and the balance of technique and science areas anticipated at NSLS-II. See the list of approved proposals.

For approved Type I beamlines, the next step is for Photon Sciences management to secure a commitment for the necessary funding. In support of that, a task force chaired by Steve Hulbert is working with proposal teams to refine pre-conceptual technical scope and develop preliminary cost estimates. This effort is ongoing.

Once funding is secured, Photon Sciences management will form a Beamline Advisory Team (BAT). The BAT will act on behalf of the user community in providing advice on, and oversight of, development of the beamline. The initial phase of beamline development will consist of establishing a Beamline Project Execution Plan (BPEP), which, in addition to the BAT, includes establishing the Beamline Development Group, the management plan, the pre-conceptual technical design, and refined cost and schedule estimates. As beamlines are developed, various issues may result in changes in the technical design and/or scope from what was described in the original proposals.

Type II beamline development teams are responsible for securing their own funding, forming a BAT (with the concurrence of Photon Sciences management), developing the elements of a BPEP for the beamline, and submitting the BPEP to Photon Sciences management for approval.

Floor space at NSLS-II for each approved beamline will be reserved for a period of up to two years. A specific location for each beamline will be assigned upon submission and approval of that beamlines BPEP.

Please address questions to Kathleen Nasta, Photon Sciences User Administrator, at or (631)344-7114.

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