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Second NSLS-II Accelerator Systems Advisory Committee Meeting

April 23 - 24, 2007

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Monday, April 23, 2007  Building 817, Large Conference Room

08:30 Committee Executive Session  
08:50 Project Status Overview, Beam Line Requirements, and Conventional Facilities S. Dierker
09:20 Development in Accelerator System Design since the Last ASAC Meeting and Response to the Recommendations S. Ozaki
10:20 Break  
10:40 Current Storage Ring Lattice S. Kramer
  Triplet in Place of Quartet  
  Three Pole Wigglers for X-ray Beamline  
11:25 Modeling and Guidelines (PDF) J. Bengtsson
  Dynamic Aperture  
  CPMU and EPU Modeling and its Effect on Beam Dynamics  
12:10 Lunch  
13:00 Tour of Building 902 & 905 S. Ozaki
13:40 Injection Systems with a Booster in Separate Tunnel T. Shaftan
14:00 Stability Issues S. Krinsky
14:45 Multipole Girder Alignment Technology R&D S. Sharma
15:15 Break  
15:40 Front Ends, Thermal Design & Vacuum System: including the Case for Canted Damping Wiggler D. Hseuh
16:10 Storage Ring RF: Superconducting or Room Temperature J. Rose
16:30 Undulator Development R&D Plan T. Tanabe
17:00 Committee Executive Session  
18:30 Reception & Dinner: Danfords Inn on the Sound, Port Jefferson  

Tuesday, April 24, 2007  Building 817, Large Conference Room

08:30 Radiation Shielding: Assumption and Design R. Casey
09:00 Impact of Potential Future Upgrade (ERL and Very Long Straights) to the Facility Footprint F. Willeke
09:20 Committee Executive Session and Report Writing  
12:00 Working Lunch  
13:00 Closeout  
14:00 Adjourn  

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