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NSLS-II Conventional Facilities Advisory Committee Meeting

March 10-11, 2009

Final Report |  Charge |  Agenda |  RFP

CCWF Expansion (Phase II)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009  BNL Bldg 817, Room 4 (Large Conference Room)

8:30 Executive Session CFAC Committee
9:00 NSLS-II Project Update S. Dierker
9:20 CF Status Update M. Fallier
10:00 Break  
10:15 Separate Breakout on Construction Safety T. Anschutz/R. Hislop
10:15 Separate Breakout on LOB Procurement D. Paveglio/G. Desaulniers
10:15 Site Preparation Lessons Learned M. Bromfield
10:30 Construction Mgt Readiness & Discussion Steve Sawch
12:00 Working Lunch At Bldg. 817
1:00 General Contractors Management Plan Scott Loureiro (Torcon)
2:30 General Contractors Plan Discussion All
3:00 Break  
3:15 FY09 Work Plan and Schedule M. Fallier
3:45 Electrical Procurements T. Nehring
4:15 CHW Plant and Piping Procurement T. Joos
4:45 Procurement Discussion All
5:00 Executive Session  
6:00 Dinner  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009  BNL Bldg 817, Room 4 (Large Conference Room)

8:00 Risk Management Update A. Byon
8:30 Plans for LOBs and Master Plan M. Fallier
10:00 Executive Session & Report Writing CFAC  Committee
 11:00 Closeout Briefing and Adjourn All
  Committee Lunch To Go At Bldg. 817

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