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NSLS-II Conventional Facilities Advisory Committee Meeting

October 5-6 2010

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Final Report | Charge | Agenda

Tuesday, October 5, 2010  BNL Bldg 817, Room 4

8:30 Executive Session CFAC
9:00 NSLS-II Project Update A. Byon
9:20 CF Status Update (includes action item follow-up) M. Fallier
10:00 Break, followed by Construction Site Tour  
 11:15 Ring Building Construction Status S. Sawch
11:40 LOB Status and Contractor Coexistence Plans M. Bromfield
12:00 Lunch At Bldg. 817
1:00 Electrical Substation Status T. Nehring
1:20 Chilled Water Plant Expansions Status A. Raphael
1:40 Construction Safety Status Update K. Krasner
2:10 Beneficial Occupancy Plan Update B. Heneveld
2:40 Transition to Installation, Commissioning and Operations G. Fries
3:00 Break  
3:15 As-Builts & Commissioning Status S. Sawch
3:45 CF Coordination with Technical Divisions O. Dyling
4:15 Issue Discussion Time All
5:00 Executive Session CFAC
6:00 Dinner TBD

Wednesday, October 6, 2010  BNL Bldg 817, Room 4

8:00 Executive Session (coffee and pastries) CFAC
8:30 IFM Support for NSLS-II Operations C. Johnson
9:00 Facilities Role in NSLS-II Operations M. Fallier
9:30 Open Item Discussion All
10:00 Executive Session & Report Writing CFAC 
11:30 Closeout Briefing and Adjourn All
12:00 Committee Lunch To Go At Bldg. 703

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