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Experimental Facilities Advisory Committee

NOTE: This committee has been dissolved.


EFAC (not in order): Alfred Baron, Mark Chance, Jerry Hastings, Gene Ice, Andrej Joachimiak, Steve Kevan, Robert Lieberman, Simon Mochrie,  Ian Robinson, Francesco Sette, Brian Stephenson, Mohan Ramanathan. (Not pictured: Paul Dumas)

The Experimental Facilities Advisory Committee (EFAC) will be composed of external experts trained in synchrotron radiation science and instrumentation, most of whom have had extensive experience in designing, constructing, and operating synchrotron beamlines and/or instrumentation and the supporting infrastructure for users. This group will advise the NSLS-II Associate Laboratory Director (ALD) and the NSLS-II Associate Director for Experimental Facilities and provide guidance to the NSLS-II experimental facilities team on the development of the beamlines and instruments for NSLS-II and will pay particular attention to the optimization of the combined system to deliver the maximum benefit to the users. They will also provide advice and guidance on the choice of instruments to build, assist in forming the Beamline Advisory Teams (BATs) and Beamline Development Teams (BDTs) to build these instruments, and generally provide direction to the formation of the experimental facilities at NSLS-II.

The members and Chair will be appointed by the NSLS-II ALD based on discussions with the Associate Director for Experimental Facilities. There will be approximately eight members of the Committee. Terms will be three years with renewal possible by mutual consent, and members who have been unable to attend three consecutive meetings will be deemed to have resigned.

Regular meetings will be held twice annually, coordinated with DOE reviews. Additional meetings will be called to deal with specific issues that arise and cannot be dealt with by email or conference calls. The Associate Director for Experimental Facilities will work with the EFAC Chair to schedule meetings and develop agendas. The committee will report its findings and recommendations in writing to the NSLS-II ALD. The committees written report will also be provided to the NSLS-II Project Advisory Committee (PAC) and the Chair of the EFAC is invited (but not required) to attend PAC meetings.


  • Simon Mochrie, Chair, Yale University
  • Alfred Baron, SPring 8
  • Mark Chance, Case Western Reserve University
  • Paul Dumas, Synchrotron SOLEIL
  • Jerry Hastings, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)
  • Gene Ice, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Andrzej Joachimiak, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Steve Kevan, University of Oregon
  • Robert Liebermann, Stony Brook University
  • Mohan Ramanathan, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Ian Robinson, University College, London
  • Francesco Sette, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF)
  • G. Brian Stephenson, Argonne National Laboratory

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