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2010 SAC Review

The 2010 call for NSLS-II beamline development proposals generated 54 proposals. Each proposal is assigned to one of seven Science Advisory Committee (SAC) study panels in specific areas of science and technology:

Members of the SAC study panels are listed here.

The full SAC will convene on August 12-13, 2010, to consider and discuss the reports from the seven study panels and to make overall recommendations.

See documents associated with the SAC review:

For more information about the SAC review, contact Qun Shen, Experimental Facilities Division Director, NSLS-II.

SAC Study Panels and Proposal Assignments (spokespersons listed)

Biological and Environmental Chemistry

Thursday-Friday, July 8-9, 2010

  • Advanced infrared microspectroscopy (AIM), Lisa Miller
  • Full-field infrared spectroscopic imaging (IRI), Lisa Miller
  • Tender energy x-ray spectroscopy: A facility for high performance and in-situ x-ray absorption spectroscopy and spatially-resolved XAS of structured materials, optimized for the tender energy range from 1.2 up to 8 keV (TES), Paul Northrup
  • Windowed ultraviolet beamline for VUV circular dichroism and related spectroscopies (WUV), John Sutherland
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy for biological, environmental and energy sciences (XAS), Mark Chance
  • X-ray fluorescence microprobe: A three-pole wiggler x-ray fluorescence microprobe beamline for characterization of materials in an as-is state (XFM), Antonio Lanzirotti
  • X-ray footprinting for in vitro and in vivo structural studies of biological macromolecules (XFP), Mark Chance

Materials Science

Monday-Tuesday, July 12-13, 2010

  • 4D studies in extreme environments (4DE), Donald Weidner
  • Complex materials scattering (CMS), Kevin Yager
  • Frontier synchrotron infrared spectroscopy beamline under extreme conditions (FIS), Zhenxian Liu
  • NIST spectroscopy beamline suite: Hard x-ray absorption spectroscopy and diffraction (4.5 keV to 40 keV three-pole wiggler source) (BMM), Daniel Fischer
  • NSLS-II beamline for combined high magnetic field and high pressure materials studies (HPM), Trevor Tyson
  • NIST spectroscopy beamline suite: Soft and tender x-ray spectroscopy and microscopy (100 eV to 7.5 keV canted sources) (SST), Daniel Fischer
  • Soft matter interfaces (SMI), Benjamin Ocko
  • Time-resolved x-ray diffraction and spectroscopy under extreme conditions (TEC), Alexander Goncharov

Advanced Engineering Materials Studies

Tuesday-Wednesday, July 13-14, 2010

  • Development of 10-nm x-ray interferometric lithography system at NSLS-II (XIL), Franco Cerrina
  • High-energy x-ray micro-mapping of materials for advanced energy and structural engineering applications beamline (HEX), Mark Croft and Thomas Tsakalakos
  • Materials physics and processing beamline (MPP), Jean Jordan-Sweet
  • Metrology and instrumentation development (MID), Jeff Keister
  • Micron-scale detector mapping for investigating the non-uniformity in the gamma-ray response of large-area/volume radiation detectors (MDM), Ralph James
  • Monochromatic and white beam x-ray topography (MWT), Michael Dudley
  • NSLS-II beamline for at-wavelength metrology, in-situ surface figuring, crystal optics, radiometry, detectors and instrumentation development (OFT), Konstantine Kaznatcheev
  • Radiometry and metrology (RAM), John Seely

Condensed Matter Physics

Monday-Tuesday, July 19-20, 2010

  • A beamline for integrated in-situ and resonant hard x-ray studies: Illuminating the physics of materials for the 21st century (ISR), Karl Ludwig
  • Hard inelastic x-ray scattering (HIX), Young-June Kim
  • METRO: Infrared beamline for magneto, ellipsometric & time-resolved optical spectroscopy (MET), Lawrence Carr
  • Photoemission-microscopy facility for fundamental studies of the physics and chemistry of materials (ESM), Elio Vescovo
  • Soft inelastic x-ray scattering (SIX), Kevin Smith
  • Soft x-ray spectroscopy and scattering beamline (SSS), Joseph Dvorak
  • Ultrafast hard x-ray (UFH), Rob Crowell
  • Ultrafast soft x-ray (UFS), Dario Arena

Structural Biology

Tuesday-Wednesday, July 20-21, 2010

  • High brilliance x-ray scattering for life sciences (LiX), Lin Yang
  • Highly automated biomolecular solution scattering (ABS), Lin Yang
  • Flexible access and highly automated beamline for macromolecular crystallography (AM3), Vivian Stojanoff
  • Flexible access and highly automated beamline for macromolecular crystallography (AMX), Dieter Schneider
  • Frontier macromolecular crystallography at an undulator beamline (FMX), Robert Sweet
  • NYSBC microdiffraction beamline (NYX), Wayne Hendrickson
  • Single-crystal spectroscopy and macromolecular crystallography at a 3PW beamline (SM3), Allen Orville
  • Single-crystal spectroscopy and macromolecular crystallography at an undulator beamline (SMX), Allen Orville

Structural Chemistry and Catalysis

Wednesday-Thursday, July 21-22, 2010

  • Beamline for in situ studies of chemical transformations by combined, synchronous and quick x-ray absorption and scattering measurements (QAS), Anatoly Frenkel
  • Beamline for studying the electronic properties of nanomaterials and chemical transformations by high-resolution photoemission and near-edge x-ray absorption fine structure (SXS), David Mullins
  • Frontier chemical crystallography beamline (FCC), John Parise
  • Inner shell spectroscopy (ISS), Bruce Ravel
  • In situ studies of chemical transformations with high energy diffraction and IR and Raman spectroscopy (ICT), Jonathan Hanson
  • Powder diffraction beamline for in situ studies of structural and chemical transformations for developing advanced energy materials developments and industrial applications (IXD), Jianming Bai
  • Time resolved spectroscopy beamline for in situ studies of fast physicochemical properties (TRS), Anatoly Frenkel

Imaging and Microscopy

Thursday-Friday, July 29-30, 2010

  • A superconducting wiggler long beamline at the NSLS-II for medical imaging and radiation therapy (MIT), Avraham Dilmanian
  • Coherent diffractive imaging for biology and materials/nano-science (CDI), Jianwei Miao and Thomas Earnest
  • Coherent diffraction imaging (CDI), Ian Robinson
  • Full-field x-ray imaging from micron to nanometer scales (FXI), Jake Socha and Jun Wang
  • Large area condenser zone plate transmission x-ray microscope for high resolution magnetic and materials science studies (TXM), Gregory Denbeaux
  • Multiscale x-ray diffraction beamline (MXD), Ken Evans-Lutterodt
  • nES: the branch-line for high resolution electron spectroscopy (nES), Yimei Zhu
  • Scanned coherent imaging for biological and organic-materials research group (SCI), Chris Jacobsen

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