General Lab Information

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Precision Engineering and Nanopositioning Team

Laser Interferometer (Attocube, SIOS): resolution better than 1 nm, measurement speed over 2 m/s at 10MHz bandwidth, working distance up to 10 m

Lion Precision Capacitive Displacement Sensors: in-vacuum/ambient, resolution better than 2 nm, working range between 0.25 mm and 6 mm

Keyence Optical Micrometers: resolution better than 1 μm, working distances between 30 and 120 mm

Sphere of confusion measurement system: cylindrical/spherical artifacts, better than 10 nm accuracy

Vibration measurements and characterization system: assortment of accelerometers, piezo-shakers and processing software

Test vacuum chamber: electrical/optical feedthrough for thermometers, laser interferometers, capacitive displacement sensors; LHe/LN cryostat for thermal performance/characterization of equipment

JEOL JCM-6000PLUS NeoScope Benchtop SEM: automatic image formation after sample introduction within 3 minutes; high resolution (60,000X) and large depth of field

Hirox RH-2000 3D Microscope: visualization and characterization of 3D objects with sub mm resolution

Nikon Eclipse LV150N optical microscope with 5x, 20x and 50x objective lenses

Signatione 1160 series probe station with three S-926 probes

R&D machine shop: milling machine, lathe, bead blasting, ultrasonic cleaning