General Lab Information

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Simulations Team develops numerical methods and software for high-accuracy calculation of magnetic fields created by Insertion Devices (ID) in Synchrotron Radiation (SR) sources, calculation of spectral characteristics of different types of SR generated by the IDs and bending magnets, simulation of the radiation propagation through optical elements of beamlines to samples, as well as entire simulation of some types of user experiments at Light Source facilities. The Team performs calculations supporting parametric optimization of IDs for beamline needs, development of new types of IDs, optimization of optical schemes of new beamlines, advanced commissioning of existing beamlines, development of diagnostics methods for X-ray source and optics, optimization of beamline settings for most complete use of high brightness and coherence of NSLS-II in user experiments.

Software Developed / Supported by the Simulations Team

  • Synchrotron Radiation Workshop (SRW) – code for high-accuracy calculation of fully- and partially-coherent synchrotron emission and simulation of its propagation through beamline optics
  • Radia – high-efficiency general-purpose 3D magnetostatics code well suited for the development of Insertion Devices for Light Source facilities
  • IDBuilder – code for construction-stage optimizations of Insertion Devices (magnet sorting and shimming).