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Synchrotron Radiation Workshop

Software for high-accuracy calculation of fully- and partially-coherent synchrotron emission and simulation of its propagation through optical components of beamlines and samples – a powerful tool for Developers and Users of Light Source facilities. It can also be used for physical-optics simulations involving laboratory radiation sources in different spectral domains, from THz to hard X-rays.

The code is mainly written in C++ and has interfaces for Python and IGOR Pro.

SRW is available for online calculations under Sirepo web interface:

Server outside BNL:

Internal servers at BNL:

The main open source SRW and Sirepo repositories are on GitHub:

The SRW and Sirepo development is/was supported by US DOE SBIR grants DE-SC0006284 and DE-SC0011237

Old SRW versions (for IGOR Pro only) are available from the ESRF web site: