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Scientific Opportunities in Macromolecular Crystallography at NSLS-II

July 9-10, 2003

The macromolecular crystallography workshop took place at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Banbury Conference Center. Several scientific topics such as: Membrane proteins, Large Complexes, Virus Structures, and Structural Genomics and Structure Assisted Drug Development were discussed in light of the proposed new synchrotron facility.

Overall, there was immense enthusiasm for the proposed new ring, and its importance to the productivity of the macromolecular crystallography community. Suggestions were made in view of future needs and specific aspects of the proposed research. Two operation modes were identified. The first mode, where difficult problem such as, large complexes and molecular machines, are studied, will require users to visit the synchrotron facility and have the flexibility to control their experiments. The second mode which requires high throughput, such as structural genomics or drug development can benefit from automation and a service arrangement.

A consensus was reached in that at least 7 insertion devices should be dedicated to this research area. It was also recommended that of these two beam lines should be kept for cutting-edge research while the remaining lines should benefit from the same infrastructure but be complementary in their use. User friendliness and quality of life was pointed out as extremely desirable. Major concerns were with the required funding for these proposed beam lines. In conclusion further discussions will be needed to properly address each of the items raised during this workshop.

Participating Institutions

ANL, BNL, CSHL, Columbia University, HHMI, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, Merck, NCI, NIH, Rockerfeller University, Stanford University, University of Penn, Yale University.

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