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NSLS-II Integrated Project Team

DOE uses an integrated project teaming approach for managing the NSLS-II Project. This Integrated Project Team (IPT), organized and led by the NSLS-II Federal Project Director, is an essential element in DOE's acquisition process and is being used during all phases of the project's life cycle. This team consists of professionals representing diverse disciplines with the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities to support the Federal Project Director in successfully executing the project. The IPT for the NSLS-II Project will consist of members from both DOE and the contractor, Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA). The team membership will change as the project progresses from initiation to closeout to ensure the necessary skills are always represented to meet the project's needs.

The IPT is grouped into three areas (Executive, Core, and Support) with specific responsibilities.

Core Members

  • Frank Crescenzo, NSLS-II Federal Project Director and IPT Lead, BHSO
  • Robert Caradonna, NSLS-II Deputy Federal Project Director, BHSO
  • Philip Kraushaar, NSLS-II Program Manager, BES
  • Steve Dierker, NSLS-II Project Director, BNL
  • Aesook Byon, NSLS-II Deputy Project Director, BNL

Executive members

  • Patricia Dehmer, Deputy Director for Science Programs, DOE Office of Science 
  • Harriet Kung, Associate Director of Science for Basic Energy Sciences
  • Frank Crescenzo, Manager of the SC Brookhaven Site Office (BHSO)
  • Doon Gibbs, Director of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)

The Support members are involved in the daily activities of the NSLS-II Project and have functions in project management, project controls, field execution, safety oversight, and/or business operations that are integral to the NSLS-II Project. Because of the progressive and dynamic nature of the project, the personnel skill and knowledge mix will change throughout the project's life cycle.

See the full IPT Charter. (pdf)


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