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NSLS-II Management Team   


Steven Dierker

Associate Laboratory Director  for Light Sources, NSLS-II Project Director


Aesook Byon

Deputy Project Director


Satoshi Ozaki

NSLS-II Senior Project Advisor


James Yeck

NSLS-II Assistant Project Director for Conventional Construction


Ferdinand Willeke

NSLS-II Division Director for Accelerator Systems


Qun Shen

NSLS-II Division Director for Experimental Facilities


Diane Hatton

Division Director of Project Support


Marty Fallier

NSLS-II Division Director for Conventional Facilities


  • Steven Hoey, Environment, Safety, and Health Manager
  • Christopher Porretto, Quality Assurance Manager
  • Patrice Greenwood, Configuration Manager
  • Don Rawlings, Interim Procurement Manager
  • Brian Bindert, Business Systems Development Manager
  • Joanna Hall, Human Resources Supervisor
  • Christine Madonia, Business Operations Manager
  • Cathleen Lavelle, Project Controls Manager
  • Razvan Popescu, NSLS-II Manager, Enterprise and Scientific Computing
  • Gerry Van Derlaske, Facilities Manager
  • Laura Miller, Administrative Support Group Leader
  • Erik Johnson, Accelerator Systems Division Interface Manager
  • Sushil Sharma, Mechanical Engineering Group Leader
  • Toshiya Tanabe, Insertion Devices Group Leader
  • Jim Rose, RF Group Leader
  • George Ganetis, Electrical Engineer Group Leader
  • Bob Dalesio, Controls Group Leader
  • Hsiao-Chaun Hseuh, Vacuum Group Leader
  • Om Singh, Diagnostics & Instrumentation Group Leader
  • Lewis Doom, Design Room Supervisor
  • Andy Broadbent, Beamline and Interface Manager
  • Yong Chu, Nanoprobe Beamline Group Leader
  • Yong Cai, Inelastic Beamline Group Leader
  • Cecilia Sanchez Hanke, Soft X-Ray Coherent Beamline Interim Group Leader
  • Andy Broadbent, Powder Beamline Group Leader
  • Paul Northrup, SRX Beamline Interim Group Leader
  • Andrei Fluerasu, Hard X-Ray Coherent Beamline Group Leader
  • Ove Dyling, Asst Director Design Management
  • Steve Sawch, Asst Director Construction Management
  • Christopher Channing, PE, Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Dennis Danseglio, PE, ECS Electrical Engineer Design
  • Tom Joos, PE, ECS Structural Engineer
  • Nikolaos Simos, Vibration Analysis

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