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Science and Technology for Future Light Sources
Report prepared by scientists from ANL, BNL, LBNL, and SLAC

Philosophy for NSLS-II Design with Sub-Nanometer Horizontal Emittance
S. Ozaki, J. Bengtsson, S. L. Kramer, S. Krinsky, and V.N. Litvinenko  

Collective Effects in the NSLS-II Storage Ring
S. Krinsky, J. Bengtsson, J.S. Berg, M Blaskiewicz,  A. Blednykh, W. Guo, N. Malitsky, B. Podobedov, J. Rose,  N. Towne, L.Y. Hu, and  F. Wang  

Conceptual Design of the NSLS-II Injection System
T. Shaftan, J. Rose, I. Pinayev, R. Heese, J. Bengtsson, J. Skaritka, W. Meng, S. Ozaki, R. Meier, C. Stelmach, V. Litvinenko, S. Pjerov,  S. Sharma, G. Ganetis, H.C. Hseuh, E.D. Johnson, N. Tsoupas.  W. Guo, J. Beebe-Wang, A.U. Luccio, L-H. Yu, D. Raparia, and D. Wang  

The Poincar Map, LIE Generator, Nonlinear Invariant, Parameter Dependance, and Dynamic Aperture for Rings
J. Bengtsson  

Coupling Impedance of CESR-B RF Cavity for the NSLS-II Storage Ring
A. Blednykh, S. Krinsky, and J. Rose  

Impedance of Electron Beam Vacuum Chambers for the NSLS-II Storage Ring
A. Blednykh and S. Krinsky  

Preliminary Impedance Budget for NSLS-II Storage Ring
A. Blednykh and S. Krinsky  

Insertion Device Activities for NSLS-II
T. Tanabe, D.A. Harder, S. Hulbert, G. Rakowsky, and J. Skaritka  

Insertion Devices R&Ds for NSLS-II
T. Tanabe, D.A. Harder, G. Rakowsky, T. Shaftan and J. Skaritka


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