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There are no upcoming NSLS-II seminars scheduled in the events database at this time.

Past Seminars

Note: some of the slide files linked from this page are extremely large, in some cases exceeding 40 MB.

7/9/2012High Speed Choppers for X-Ray or Light Pulse SelectionBernd Eberhard Lindenau, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH ( FZJ ), Central Department of Technology ( ZAT), Magnetic Bearings and Drives 
6/15/2012Frank Steinbruckner, Keller Technology Corporation 
4/27/2012simulation of electron injection and diagnostic of plasma electron density in laser-plasma acceleratorAn He,  
4/25/2012Description of the complete process of manufacturing for a long mirror system: Design to DeliveryWinlightX 
4/24/2012Accelerator and Beam Physics at the VEPP-4M Electron-Positron ColliderVictor Smalyuk, BINP 
4/19/2012The Future Brockhouse X-Ray Diffraction and Scattering Sector at the Canadian Light SourceStefan Kycia, Department of Physics, University of Guelph 
4/9/2012Promising Tool for Nano Materials Science, SPring-8Masaki Takata, RIKEN SPring-8 Center 
3/27/2012X6A Workbench: Hands-on Synchrotron Structural Biology 
3/23/2012X-ray NanovisionOleg Shpyrko, University of California, San Diego 
3/21/2012Time-Resolved X-ray Studies of the Layer-by-Layer Growth Mode of Complex-Oxide Thin-Films During Pulsed Laser Deposition - Joint Photon Sciences Institute Seminar SeriesJoel Brock, Cornell University 
3/21/2012NSLS-II Injection System Pulsed Magnets.Eric Blum,  
3/14/2012"From Thermoelectrics and Iron-Based Superconductivity to Insertion Devices"Ivo Dimitrov,  
3/13/2012X-ray Imaging in Real LifeChris Jacobsen, Argonne National Lab / Northwestern University 
3/9/2012Ancient Materials and Artworks Illuminated by Synchrotron Light - Worlds of Physics Seminar SeriesEric Dooryhee, Photon Sciences Directorate, BNL 
3/7/2012New Ideas for Radiation Therapy Based on Synchrotron Radiation - Joint Photon Sciences Institute Seminar SeriesAvraham Dilmanian, Medical Department, BNL, and Departments of Radiation Oncology and Neurology, SUNY Stony Brook 
3/6/2012Beam instrumentation for SuperKEKB AcceleratorsMakoto Tobiyama, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, KEK 
2/8/2012Organic Devices: Insights Provided by Soft X-ray Characterization MethodsHarald Ade, North Carolina State University 
1/30/2012Zeeko Corrective Polishing and Smoothing Processes with Illustrations of their use in “Large Science Projects”Richard Freeman, ZEEKO Ltd 
12/2/2011Overview of Magnetic Measurement Activities at the Sincrotrone TriesteMarco Musardo, Sincrotrone Trieste 
10/10/2011Undulator Development and Operation at BESSY IIJohanns Bahrdt, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin 
10/6/2011ITT Geospatial Systems & Sydor Instruments Capabilities BriefingSydor, Sydor Instruments 
9/23/2011Motion and Positioning Systems for Specific Synchrotron ApplicationsPhilip Wallington, Q-SYS 
9/12/2011The Preliminary Application of Synchrotron Radiation Technique on ArchaeologyDr. Changsui Wang, Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 
8/1/2011Coherent diffraction imaging with transmission and Bragg reflection geometriesXiaojing Huang, ANL 
7/25/2011Performing magnet design and beam optics in an integrated frameworkShashikant Manikonda,  
7/20/2011Modeling study of SPEAR3 nonlinear dynamicsXiaobiao Huang, SLAC 
6/16/2011NSLS II injection systemGuimei Wang,  
6/1/2011Roughness-induced Scattering of EUV/Soft-X-ray Optical ComponentsSven Schroeder, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF), Jena 
5/27/2011Monte Carlo Simulation of Neutron Powder Diffraction at Spallation SourceLI LI, Columbia University 
5/26/2011Mapping Structure from Microns to Atomic Length Scales with Coherent Diffraction.Stephan Hruszkewycz,  
5/18/2011NSLS-II Workshop 
5/9/2011BDP Workshop - Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (MIRT)Various Speakers, Different Affiliations 
3/23/2011Structure and Dynamics of Lipid Membranes — An x-ray and neutron studyDr. Gang Chen,  
3/14/2011Development of sub-20nm Hard-x-ray Microscopy and Applications in Microangiogenesis and NanomedicineYeukuang Hwu, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei 
2/22/2011Extreme Precision Optics manufacturing capabilities at Zygo CorporationMarc Tricard, Zygo Corporation 
1/25/2011Dr. Paul Zschack, Argonne National Laboratory 
1/12/2011Compact ERL Project Status at KEKTakashi Obina, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, KEK 
1/11/2011SuperKEKB StatusMakoto Tobiyama, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, KEK 
1/10/2011First Light at I13: News about the Imaging and Coherence Beamline at DiamondChristoph Rau, Diamond Light Source 
1/6/2011Next generation optics for high-resolution inelastic x-ray scattering: Principles, challenges, and progressYuri Shvyd'ko, Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Photon Source 
12/20/2010MAX-IV: Status, Schedule and Technical ChallengesJonas Modeer, MAX-Lab 
12/9/2010Advanced R+D at the Advanced Light SourceAnthony Warwick, LBL 
12/6/2010The bio-imaging and diffraction beamline P11 at PETRA IIIDr. Alke Meents, HASYLAB - DESY 
12/3/2010The Photon Transport System and Diagnostic for the FERMI at Elettra FEL ProjectDaniele Cocco, Sincrotrone Trieste ScpA, Photon Transport and Beamlines Area, Mechanical Vacuum and Optics Group 
10/28/2010Spatially-resolved analysis of Element Distribution and Speciation in Soils and Soil Aggregates by by (mu)-XRF and (mu)-XANESJoerg Prietzel, Techncial University of Munich 
10/22/2010Textured Dysprosium Poles for High-field, Short-period Cryogenically-cooled Hybrid Permanent-magnet UndulatorsSlowa Solovyov, CMPD MSD, BNL 
10/12/2010Fourteen Years of Synchrotron Radiation for Museums: from Egyptian Cosmetics to Mona LisaPhilippe Walter, Director, Laboratory - Centre Of Research and Restoration of the French Museums 
10/5/2010PETRA III - Commissioning, First User Runs, Collective EffectsRainer Wanzenberg, DESY 
9/16/2010Optics, Sources and Systems for Laboratory X-ray Micro- and Nano-ImagingHans Hertz, Department of Applied Physics, Royal Inst. of Technology 
9/15/2010Mark Sutton, McGill University 
9/8/2010JBluIce-EPICS: a modern control system with classical look for macromolecular crystallography at the Advanced Photon SourceSergey Stepanov, ANL 
9/3/2010Non-destructive characterization of microstructures utilizing the 3DXRD technique - an overview of software and applicationsSoren Schmidt, RISOE 
9/2/2010Hummingbird: active vibration isolation technologyJohan van Seggelen, MECAL 
8/31/2010The Design of the ALS Top-Off Mode Beam Interlock System -- from Requirements to OperationKenneth Baptiste, ALS/LBNL 
8/27/2010An Overview of Science and Software Infrastructure at HPCATDr. Arun Bommannavar, Carnegie Institution of Washington 
8/26/2010Methods, related to ptychography used to reconstruct a hard X-ray beam waistCameron Kewish, Synchrotron SOLEIL 
8/25/2010A New Beamline for Surface and Interface Science at Diamond Light SourceDr. Tien-Lin Lee, Principal Beamline Scientist, Diamond Light Source, Oxford 
8/24/2010Numerical Simulations of X-ray OpticsAlexey Suvorov, SPring-8 
8/13/2010Canadian Light Source and the REIXS BeamlineFeizhou He, Canadian Light Source 
7/26/2010Multilayer optics at the (ESRF)Christian Morawe, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) 
7/26/2010Data Management and Analysis Computing for LCLSAlf Wachsmann, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory 
7/26/2010Multi-Axis Positioning with a Hexapod system and the advantages of a using Parallel KinematicsRainer Gloess, PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. 
7/15/2010Lattice dynamics at ultra-high pressures: Quantification of phonon energies using high-resolution inelastic x-ray scatteringDaniel L. Farber, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Earth Science Division 
7/12/2010Instruments and methods for high-energy-resolution x-ray diffraction characterization of diamond crystals.Stanislav Stoupin, Argonne National Laboratory 
7/1/2010High Quality Crystal Optics Fabrication for the IXS beamline at NSLS-IIChaminda (Nalaka) Kodituwakku,  
6/29/2010Recent X-ray Optics Projects at Diamond: Polychromator and MirrorsJohn Sutter, Diamond Light Source 
6/24/2010Latest Developments for Ultra-precision Mirrors and Benders (reaching the nm scale)Philippe Godefroy, WINLIGHT 
6/15/2010NSLS-II BDP Time-resolved X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy Under Extreme Conditions WorkshopVarious Speakers,  
6/15/2010Synchrotron Radiation in Art and ArchaeologyJoris Dik, Delft University 
6/2/2010Time-resolved full field x-ray microscopy at nano and micro scaleJun Wang, Organizer, NSLS 
5/18/2010Nanopositioning techniques development for hard x-ray nanoprobe with nanometer scale resolutionDeming Shu, Argonne National Laboratory - Advanced Photon Source (APS) 
5/6/2010Energy Dispersive Detectors by KetekRichard Varall, Andreas Pahlke, and Jurgen Knoblo, Ketek 
5/5/2010Probing Migration of Magnetic Impurities at Sub-Nanometer Depth Resolution and Understanding Ion Beam Induced Magnetism in Nonmagnetic MultilayersProfessor B. Dev, Department of Materials Science Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science 
4/28/2010High Perfromance Synchrotron Components from Industry: The Reliable Bruker ASC WayRiccarado Signorato and Wolfgang Diete, Bruker ASC/ACCEL 
4/27/2010High Energy X-rays for Materials Science-New TrendsVeijo Honkimanki, European Sychrotron Radiation Facility 
4/26/2010Bent Crystal Optics for High Energy DiffractionVeijo Honkimaki, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) 
4/22/2010Nanopositioning: Technology and ApplicationsKaterina Moloni, VP of Product Development at nPoint, Inc. 
4/22/2010Development of a Fluorescence‐type Monochromatized X‐ray Beam Position Monitor with Sub‐micron Spatial Resolution for NSLS‐II BeamlinesPhil Yoon, Brookhaven National Laboratory 
4/15/2010Opto-mechanical Design Considerations for the LCLS X-ray Mirror SystemTom McCarville, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 
4/12/2010Impedance and Collective Effects Studies for the TPS Storage Ring.Andriy Rusanov,  
4/8/2010Some scientific computer tools for spectroscopy and diffraction developed at ESRFManuel Sanchez del Rio, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) 
4/7/2010X-ray optics simulations and beamline modeling for the ESRF Upgrade ProgrammeManuel Sanchez-del Rio, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) 
3/29/2010Recent Developments in X-ray Refractive Optics at the ESRFAnatoly Snigirev, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, ESRF 
3/24/2010Megapixels per hour: Ultrafast X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy at the Australian SynchrotronDavid Paterson, Austrailian Light Source 
3/18/2010Two-dimensional Mean Field Treatment of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Effects with Application to Microbunching Instability in Bunch CompressorsGabriele Bassi, University of Liverpool and Cockcroft Institute 
3/17/2010Experimental Observation of Optical Aharonov-Bohm Effect in Stacked ZnTe/ZnSe Type-II Quantum DotsIgor L. Kuskovsky, Department of Physics, Queens College of CUNY 
3/8/2010The Electronic Structure and Morphology of Organic Semiconductors ---- A Case Study of RubreneHuanjun Ding, University of Rochester 
3/4/2010Beam Diagnostics and Detectors from FMB OxfordNigel Boulding, Managing Director and Scott Mowat, FMB OXFORD 
3/3/2010FMB Oxford Capabilities in Beamlines and ComponentsNigel Boulding, Managing Director and Scott Mowat, FMB OXORD 
2/22/2010Control-Systems Based Analysis and Design Methods for Scanning Probe MicroscopyDr. Chibum Lee, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
2/5/2010Ketek GMBH Silicon Drift DetectorsRichard Varall, KETEK Creative Detector Solutions 
2/5/2010Energy of the Quasi-free Electron in Atomic and Molecular Fluids (Queens College & SRC) & The Optical Design of the X-ray Powder Diffraction Beamline (NSLSII - BNL)Xianbo Shi, Queens College 
2/3/2010Persistent Superconductivity in Ultrathin Pb Films: An STM/S StudyDaejin Eom, Columbia University 
2/2/2010Optical and At wavelength Metrology development at SOLEIL synchrotronMourad Idir, Synchrotron SOLEIL 
1/21/2010High-Energy X-Ray Optics Development (50-150 keV) at the APSSarvjit Shastri, APS, Argonne National Laboratory 
1/12/2010Capabilities and advances in x-ray mirror manufacturingHelge Thiess,  
1/6/2010Diffraction of focused x-ray beams from perfect crystals: first experimental results and possible applicationsAlexander Kazimirov, CHESS, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 
12/23/2009Multiple-Wave X-ray Diffraction: Fundamentals and ApplicationYuriy Stetsko, Davron Staffing 
12/18/2009The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams ProjectThomas Glasmacher, FRIB 
12/17/2009Vacuum R&D Related to CesrTA and ERL-based Light SourcesYulin Li, Cornell University 
12/14/2009Transition from Anisotropic Magneto-Resistance to Giant Magneto-Resistance in Tape DrivesJohn Nibarger,  
12/3/2009Smart Magnetic Shape Films To Improve X-ray Optics PerformanceMel Ulmer, Dearborn Observatory - Northwestern University 
11/23/2009Development of short period high field undulators at the ESRF and SOLEILCharles Kitegi,  
11/23/2009An Ultra-Stable Platform for the Study of Nanowires and Single-Atom ChainsDouglas T. Smith, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, MD 
11/19/2009Accelerator magnets: from low to high field in approximately 45 minutesMauricio Lopes,  
11/18/2009X-Ray Multilayer Mirrors for Synchrotron ApplicationYuriy Platnov and James Wood, Rigaku Innocative Technologies 
11/17/2009The Advanced Photon Source Upgrade Project StatusYeldez Amer, ANL 
11/13/2009Nanoscopium: a Scanning Hard X-ray Nanoprobe Beamline at Synchrotron Soleil (France)Andrea Somogyi, Synchrotron Soleil 
11/12/2009Study of Ion Effects in the ILC Electron Damping RingDr. Guoxing Xia,  
11/4/2009X-ray mirror surfacing, on-line metrology and nanofocusing: challenges, achievements and perspectivesDr. Luca Peverini, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility 
10/26/2009Spectro-microscopy at the ID21 beamline: Recent Developments and Applications to Cultural HeritageMarine Cotte, Centre of Research and Restoration of the French Museums and ESRF 
10/21/2009Successful Completion of the Top-off Upgrade of the Advanced Light SourceChristoph Steier, LBNL 
9/24/2009Beam Dynamics Aspects of Crab Cavities in the Large Hadron ColliderDr. Yipeng Sun,  
9/22/2009A Control Systems Perspective to NanopositioningSrinivasa Salapaka and Chi Bum Lee, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
9/11/2009Nanopositioning, Scanning Probe Microscopy and Metrology in Extreme EnvironmentsDr. Pierre-Francois Braun, Dipl. Ing. Florian Pon, Attocube Systems AG/Inc. 
9/10/2009Recent Mechanical Upgrades to the Louisiana State University Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices (CAMD)Kevin Morris,  
9/9/2009Insight into heterogeneous geomaterials through XANES Imaging Spectroscopy.Vincent De Andrade, ESRF, X-ray microscopy beamline ID21, 38043 Grenoble 
8/31/2009Exploring Quantum Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated Materials Using Optical SpectroscopyHarini Barath, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
8/20/2009X-ray Fluorescence Holography in Theory and ExperimentJainming Bai, University of Tennessee 
8/17/2009X-ray Microscopy of Crystalline Alkanes and Semi-crystalline Polyethylene Thin FilmsDr. Ying Zou, Department of Physics, University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin 
8/14/2009Longitudinal Beam dynamics in PEP-X with a Passive Third Harmonic CavityLanfa Wang,  
8/13/2009Recent Technology at Tinsley and Brashear OpticsTony Hull, Tinsley and Brashear Optics; Part of L-3 Integrated Optical Systems 
8/13/2009Design, Construction and Hard Won Lessons at the Australian SynchrotronBradley Mountford, Australian Synchrotron 
8/12/2009Atomic structure at the nanoscale: a 21st century materials challengeEmil Bozin, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, Columbia University Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science Department, BNL 
8/10/2009Status of Taiwan Photon SourceKen-San Liang, Taiwan Photon Source 
8/3/2009Using Focused White Beam to Study the Structure and Dynamics of a Molecular MachineJennifer Bohon,  
7/31/2009Towards More Compact IXS SpectrometersDaisuke Ishikawa, RIKEN, SPring-8 Center 
7/31/2009Upgrade Program of the ESRFHarald Reichert, ESRF 
7/29/2009Synchrotron micro-imaging with different contrast modalities - instrumentation and applicationsAlexander Rack,  
7/28/2009Engineering Solutions to Collider-Accelerator Components and SystemsSteven Bellavia,  
7/22/2009Current Status and Upgrade Plans at APSDenny Mills, ANL 
7/22/2009Crystal growth and ion exchange in environmentally important materialsAaron Celestian,  
7/16/2009Inelastic x-ray scattering from phonons at the ESRF: Status and PerspectivesMichael Krisch, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility 
7/15/2009Nanopositioning by PI (Physik Instrumente)Mark Wood, PI 
7/14/2009Nanopositioning: Design and ApplicationsSharath Chandrasekaran, nPoint, Inc. 
7/13/2009The LTP development and the design of nanometer and nanoradian surface profiler (NSP)Shinan Qian,  
7/7/2009Sub-microradian Surface Slope Metrology at the ALS Optical Metrology LaboratoryValeriy Yashchuk,  
6/18/2009New Materials at High-PressureDr.Andrea Prodi, Center for Materials Science and Engineering and Dept. of Physics, MIT (US) 
6/18/2009A Mathematica Package for the Storage Ring Lattice AnalysisJinhyuk Choi,  
6/16/2009Application of X-ray Diffraction Techniques to materials under various environmental conditionsDr. Sanjit Ghose, Stony Brook University 
6/16/2009JJ X-Ray Visit to NSLSScott Barton,  
5/21/2009Touschek Lifetime and Higher order Multipole Errors for NSLS-IIBoaz Nash,  
5/15/2009Toyama NSLS II Presentation SynopsisJoe Endo, CEO, Toyama Company 
5/13/2009The Diamond Light Source, its status and prospects for the futureColin Norris,  
5/12/2009Some Aspects of Polarized Proton Beam Acceleration in the AGS --- Simulation, Experiment and AnalysisFanglei Lin,  
5/7/2009Synchrotron Mirror Fabrication and Metrology at Carl Zeiss Laser OpticsHelge Thiess,  
5/4/2009Enjoy the Challenges in NanotechnologyLin Wang,  
5/4/2009Enjoy the Challenges in NanotechnologyDr. Lin Wang,  
5/1/2009Introduction to the NY Photonics Network and the local Manufacture of High Quality Optical ComponentsTom Battley, NY Photonics Network 
4/30/2009Beam Dynamics and Lattice Design for More Compact XFEL FacilitiesYujong Kim, Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI), Switzerland 
4/30/2009The THz dynamics of water probed by extremely high resolution Inelastic X Ray ScatteringAlessandro Cunsolo,  
4/20/2009Principles and Applications of Scanned Probe MRFM for Spatially Resolved Studies in FerromagnetsDr. Evgueni Nazaretski,  
4/17/2009Nanopositioning by PI (Physik Instrumente)Mark Wood, Physik Instrument 
4/16/2009Presentation by InSync OpticsTom Tonnessen, InSync Optics 
4/15/2009Fundamentals of Dry Etching and Its Applications for Si EtchJason (Sungjin) Cho,  
4/9/2009Presentation by Advanced Design Consulting (ADC)Alex Deyhim, ADC 
4/9/2009Global Optimization of a Magnetic Lattice Using Genetic AlgorithmsDr. Lingyun Yang,  
4/1/2009Development of magnetic measurement with nanofabricated pick-up coil for high pressure study with diamond anvil cellDr. Melike Abliz,  
3/23/2009Three Dimensional X-ray Diffraction MicroscopyDr. Lawrence Margulies, Risoe National Laboratory 
3/16/2009Fast switching polarized soft x-rays at X13ACecilia Sanchez-Hanke,  
3/10/2009Exploring Nano‐scale Magnetism with Soft X‐ray Synchrotron RadiationDr. Jyoti Mohanty,  
3/9/2009Static magnetic field undulators are capable of producing quasi-monochromatic synchrotron radiation of very high brightness.Murali Yeddulla,  
3/4/2009Structure and Order in Coherent Diffractive ImagingMark Pfeifer,  
3/3/2009Study of the Two-Stream Instabilities: Fast-Ion and Electron CloudLanfa Wang, SLAC 
2/23/2009Soft X-ray Scattering at Beamline 9.0.1 of the Advanced Light Source: probing structure from microns to nanometersDr. David Shapiro,  
2/19/2009Pro-Dex Oregon Micro Systems Motion Control PresentationScott Fredericks, Oregon Micro Systems 
2/19/2009Advanced In-Situ Characterization of Thin FilmsEric Friedman, k-Space Associates, Inc. 
2/18/2009Two-dimensional projection X-ray diffraction microscopy with Ewald sphere curvature considerationsNing Lei,  
2/18/2009Recent Imaging Technology and Application Development at XradiaWebing Yun, XRADIA 
2/17/2009X-ray Scattering Studies of the Structure and Dynamics of Thin Polymer Molten FilmsMrinmay Mukhopadhyay,  
2/12/2009Structure and Dynamics of Soft-Condensed Matter SystemsLutz Wiegart, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility 
2/9/2009Benchmarking Radiation Transport Computer CodesAlbert Hanson,  
2/6/2009Capability and Experience in the Manufacture of Synchrotron Radiation HutchesGlobal Shielding, Global Partners in Shielding, INC. 
1/27/2009The beam line design and beam physics study of energy recovery Linac free electron laser at Peking UniversityGuimei Wang,  
1/20/2009A Tool to Study Energy Conversion in Molecular System - Building a Laser Initiated Time Resolved User Program at the APSKlaus Attenkofer, ANL 
1/14/2009Surface and Interface Roughness Evolution in Sputtered WSi2 and WSi2/Si FilmsYiping Wang, University of Vermont 
1/12/2009Application of nano-positioners for X-ray characterization of flexible coated webbing and tapeVyacheslav Solovyov,  
1/7/2009A Polarized Soft X-ray Beamline Optimized for Studies of Magnetism at DiamondPaul Steadman, Diamond Light Source, LTD 
12/19/2008Synchrotron-based absolute calibration of x-ray sensors and optics for energetic plasma science and related fieldsJeff Keister,  
12/16/2008Research Experiences on Accelerator Physics and TechnologyShilun Pei,  
12/10/2008Nanopositioning by PI (Physik Instrumente)Mark Woods, PI (Physik Instrumente) 
12/8/2008XRD Structural Analysis of Epitaxial NiAl Thin FilmsNoureddine Anibou, XStream Systems Inc. 
12/4/2008Localization of RF Breakdowns in a Standing Wave CavityFaya Wang, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory 
12/3/2008Nanopositioning for Synchrotron Facility ApplicationsMartin Davies, Attocube Systems 
11/25/2008Phase Retrieval for X-ray Image Reconstruction and Beam CharacterizationJames R. Fienup and Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, University of Rochester, Institute of Optics 
11/21/2008The pressure dependence of the structure of amorphous red phosphorus and the origin of the FSDPSimon Clark, Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 
11/20/2008Utility Systems for Synchrotron Projects, Merit Merrells Experience at Diamond and at the Australian SynchrotronAnthony Wells and Chris Berriman, Merit Merrill Technology Limited 
11/20/2008New trends in Powder DiffractionDr. Eric Dooryhee, Neel Institute, CNRS Grenole, France 
11/14/2008The structure of HgSe nanoclusters in zeolitic materialsMiguel Castro-Colin, Unversity of Texas at El Paso 
11/13/2008Frequency-tunable Microwave Beam Shaping for 1 MW Gyrotron: Design, Simulation and TestShaolin Liao, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
11/10/2008Control and Electronics system upgrades for the Pohang Light SourceKiman Ha, Pohang Light Source 
11/6/2008Recent Experience in Building Equipment for Synchrotron Projects Around the WorldFMB Company, Comprising FMB Berlin, and FMB Oxford (formerly Oxford Danfysik) 
11/5/2008Investigation of multi-scale processes in complex natural systems: behavior of uranium in a wetland over 6500 yearsPaul Northrup,  
10/29/2008Soft x-ray linear dichroism - the route from spectra to images: a STXM liquid crystal studyKonstanine Kaznatcheev,  
10/28/2008A VIEW TO THE FUTURE: XRPD AT THE NSLS-IIDr. Martin McMillan,  
10/27/2008High-Energy X-rays for Structural Study of Advanced Materials in Complex Sample EnvironmentsYang Ren, Argonne National Laboratory 
10/14/2008What I have been doing at SPring-8Yoshitaka Kawashima, Spring-8 
10/6/2008Element- and Layer-Resolved Magnetization Dynamics at Picosecond ResolutionDario Arena,  
9/15/2008Development of Scanning Tunneling Potentiometry for Measurement of Electronic Transport at Short Length ScalesMichael Rozler,  
9/8/2008X-ray Diffraction Metrology in Semiconductor FabricationKris Kozaczek,  
8/18/2008Light Sources Developments at the NSRRC - from 1.5 GeV TLS to 3 GeV TPSJune-Rong Chen, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center 
8/18/2008X-ray Diffraction Microscopy Toward Nanometers:Yong Chu, Argonne National Laboratory 
8/6/2008KLA-Tencor Optical Surface ProfilometersBrian Crawfrord, KLA-Tencor 
7/28/2008Biological coherent diffraction imaging: progress, challenges and the futureEnju Lima, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility 
7/21/2008Beam Monitor and Bunch-by-Bunch Feedback ControlWeixing Cheng, SLAC 
7/16/2008Dynamic Effects of Elliptically Polarized UndulatorsChristoph Steier, ALS/LBL 
7/14/2008VG ScientaCarl Richardson, VG Scienta Inc 
7/9/2008Implementation and evolution of the top-up operation and filling pattern controls at the Swiss Light SourceTimo Korhonen, Swiss Light Source 
7/8/2008Three Dimensional X-ray Diffraction MicroscopyLawrence Margulies, Risoe National Laboratory 
6/30/2008Experience at Caratelli in the construction of x-ray beamline hutches at synchrotrons around the worldThierry Gardon, Caratelli 
6/20/2008Transverse to Longitudinal Emittance Exchange and Investigations of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation at the Fermilab A0 PhotoinjectorRaymond Fliller, FNAL 
6/20/2008Transverse to Longitudinal Emittance Exchange and Investigations of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation at the Fermilab A0 PhotoinjectorRaymond Fliller, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 
6/19/2008Multilayer Laue Lenses for Nanofocusing of Hard X-rays: Status and ProspectsDr. Al Macrander, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory 
6/5/2008Introduction to Accelerator Tool BoxAndrei Terebilo, SLAC 
5/12/2008A Very Simple Method of Effectively Detecting All the Magnet Misalignments Almost at Once.Hiroshi Nishimura, Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley Naitonal Lab. 
5/8/2008Insertion Device and Permanent Magnet Technology at STI OptronicsSteve Gottschalk, STI Optronics, Inc. 
4/29/2008Global Search for Stable Lattice TunesDavid Robin, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 
4/29/2008Low Emittance Tuning and Electron Cloud Measurements with CesrTADavid Rubin, Cornell University 
4/8/2008Impact of Electric Current Fluctuations arising from Power Supplies on a Charged-Particle BeamPhil Yoon, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 
3/4/2008Hard X-ray Imaging with Full and Partial CoherenceXianghui Xiao, Argonne 
2/28/2008Synchrotron Emission and Wavefront Propagation Calculations Using the Methods of Physical OpticsOleg Tchoubar, Synchrotron SOLEIL (France) 
2/27/2008X-ray Beamline Developments at ACCEL InstrumentsWolfgang Diete, ACCEL 
2/27/2008An Update from the Australian Synchrotron Small and Wide Angle Scattering BeamlineDr. Nigel Kirby, Australian Synchrotron 
12/20/2007Development of a Dedicated Pair-Distribution-Function Beamline at the Advance Photon Source: Scientific Drivers and OpportunitiesPeter Chupas, Argonne National Laboratory 
12/7/2007Application of Phase Retrieval to Optical Surface and Wavefront MetrologyGregory Brady, University of Rochester 
11/30/2007Ready or not: the transition to the mail-in synchrotron powder diffractionBrian Toby, Argonne National Laboratory 
10/29/2007APS Upgrade PlansMurray Gibson, Director APS, APS/ANLSlides
10/25/2007Fully Epitaxial Oxides on Silicon (001)James Reiner, Yale University 
10/23/2007Enhancing Ferroelectrics Using StrainMichael Biegalski, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
10/22/2007Soft X- Ray Linear DichrosimKostantine Kaznatcheev, Canadian Light Source 
10/16/2007The Australian SynchrotronAlan Jackson, LBNL; Former Technical Director of the Australian Synchrotron 
10/11/2007Research Experiences on an Accelerator and its Control SystemGuobao Shen,  
9/18/2007Environmental Surface and Interface Science at GSECARSPeter Eng, University of Chicago 
9/18/2007Sub-meV Optics for Medium Energy X-ray Spectroscopy: Principles and Preliminary StudiesXianrong Huang, Slides
9/7/2007Milli-eV X-ray Phonon Spectroscopy of Heme Compounds and ProteinsSteve Durbin, Purdue University 
8/31/2007Time Resolved X-ray Studies of Pulsed Laser DepositionJoel Brock, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 
8/27/2007Operations and Research in X-ray Imaging and Microscopy at the Advanced Photon SourceQun Shen, APS/ANL 
8/22/2007Design and Implementation of an XAFS Research Program at UOPSimon Bare, UOP, LLC, Des Plains, IL 
7/16/2007Implementation of SNS Linac RF controlHengjie Ma,  
6/12/2007Radiation Protection Studies for the ALBA FacilityXavier Queralt, ALBA FAcility 
6/11/2007Multilayer Laue Lens - A Path Towards Nanofocusing of X-raysHanfei Yan,  
5/15/2007Inelastic X Ray Scattering: A Valuable Tool to Investigate the High Frequency Dynamics of Disordered SystemsAlessandro Cunsolo, CNR-INFM, CRS c/o Institut Laue LangevinSlides
5/2/2007A Brazilian Experience in UHV for SynchrotronMarcelo Ferreira, Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory, Campinas 
5/2/2007The Beamlines Program at the Australian SynchrotronAndrew Broadbent, Australian Synchrotron 
4/20/2007From Surface to Interface: the Synthesis and Properties of an Oxide-Semiconductor InterfaceDr. Fred Walker, Yale University, Applied Physics 
4/11/2007Inelastic X-ray Scattering by Electronic Excitations: The Taiwan Beamline PerspectiveYong Cai, National Synchrotron Radiation Research CenterSlides
3/28/2007Phase Contrast Microscopy with Soft and Hard X-rays Using a Segmented DetectorBenjamin Hornberger, Stony Brook University 
3/28/2007Radiological Experience at the ESRFPaul Berkvens, ESRF 
3/2/2007Thin Films, Heterostructures and Some Applications of High Temperature Superconductors and Other OxidesKazuhiro Endo, of Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT) 
2/28/2007Status of the LCLS ProjectJohn Galayda, SLAC 
1/9/2007Frontiers of 3D Polychromatic Micro and Nanodiffraction Gene Ice, Oak Ridge National LaboratorySlides
12/20/2006Overview of the Status of the SOLEIL ProjectAmor Nadji, Synchrotron-Soleil 
11/20/2006PETRA III, a New High Brilliant Light Source at DESYKlaus Balewski, DESY 
10/10/2006GM/CA CAT beamline control system for protein crystallography at the APSSergey Stepanov, Argonne National Laboratory 
9/26/2006Radiation Induced Demagnetization of Nd-Fe-B Permanent MagnetsP.K. Job, NSLS-IISlides
9/22/2006SNS IT Systems, Ongoing Projects and Lessons LearnedDan Ciarlette, SNS, Oak Ridge, TN 
9/7/2006Implementation and Performance Overview of Orbit Feedback Systems at APSOm Singh, APS, Argonne National Laboratory 
8/2/2006The Swiss Light Source (SLS), an OverviewWehrner Joho, Swiss Light SourceSlides
6/22/2006Strategy Towards Nanometre Size Beams With Reflective OpticsOlivier Hignette, ESRF 
6/12/2006Collective Effects in NSLS-IIVarious Speakers, Brookhaven National Laboratory 
6/11/2006Sub-aperture Approaches to Finishing and MetrologyMarc Tricard, QED TechnologiesSlides
6/8/2006Current state and fundamental limitations of focusing hard x-rays with refractive opticsChristian Schrorer, Institute of Structural Physics 
6/1/2006Magnetic survey of the CESR interaction region quadrupole magnets using vibrating wire techniqueAlexander Temnykh, Cornell UniversitySlides
6/1/2006CESR Super-conducting Damping WigglersAlexander Temnykh, CESR Operating GroupSlides
5/31/2006APS Storage Ring Injection Topics: Optimization and Top-upLouis Emery, Argonne National LabSlides
5/31/2006Multilayer Laue Lenses - a Path Towards Nanometer Focusing of X-raysJorg Maser, APS, Argonne National LaboratorySlides
5/9/2006Advanced Photon Source: 10 Years of Operation, A Facility/User PerspectiveMohan Ramanathan, Argonne National LaboratorySlides
4/27/2006Status of High Energy X-ray Microfocusing at the ESRF: Pathways for NanofocusingAnatoly Snigirev, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) 
4/26/2006X-ray Imaging at a 3rd Generation Synchrotron SourceQun Shen, Argonne National LaboratorySlides
4/24/2006Perspectives in meV Resolved Inelastic X-Ray ScatteringAlfred Baron, Harima RIKEN and SPring-8/JASRI, JapanSlides
4/20/2006Interpretation of Complex Images in Coherent X-ray DiffractionIan Robinson, UCL Physics Dept.Slides
3/28/2006NSLS-II: Challenges and OpportunitiesSteve Dierker, BNL - NSLS 
3/21/2006High Speed Semiconductor Detectors for the Synchrotron Experiments at LCLS and XFELLothar Strüder, Max-Planck-Institut and University of Siegen 
3/10/2006Progress in the Development of New Optics for Very High-Resolution Inelastic X-Ray Scattering SpectroscopyYuri Shvyd'ko, APS, Argonne National LabSlides
1/8/2006Current State and Fundamental Limitations of Focusing Hard X-rays with Refractive OpticsChristian Schroer, Institute of Structural Physics, Dresden 

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