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X-ray Beam Position Monitors

February 26-27, 2009

Bldg. 703, Large Conference Room, First Floor

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Workshop Overview
Workshop Final Report


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February 26, 2009
8:30 am Introduction and Welcome - Continental Breakfast  
9:00 Summary of Workshop Objectives Q. Shen
9:15 NSLS-II Requirements and Plans O. Singh
9:45 Discussion  
10:00 XBPM Experience and Plans at Diamond G. Rehm
10:30 Discussion  
10:45 Coffee  
11:00 Development of Residual Gas X-ray BPM for PETRA III P. Ilinski
11:30 Discussion  
11:45 Properties of X-Ray Beam Position Monitor at the Swiss Light Source T. Wehrli
12:15 pm Discussion  
12:30 Lunch  
1:15 R&D at the APS toward a Hard X-ray Beam Position Diagnostic G. Decker
1:45 Discussion  
2:00 Video-based X-ray Beam Position Monitoring at CHESS P. Revesz
2:30 Discussion  
2:45 Coffee  
3:00 X-ray Beam Diagnostics at NSLS-II P. Siddons/P. Yoon
3:30 Discussion  
3:45 Development of Synthetic-Diamond-Based Front End XBPM at the APS D. Shu
4:15 Discussion  
4:30 Summary Discussion and Draft Report A. Broadbent
5:00 Finish for the Day  
6:00 Dinner - Location TBA  

Note:  Deming Shu will arrive late morning on the 26th (Feb.)

February 27, 2009
8:30 am Continental Breakfast  
9:00 Outlook for a New Residual Gas Beam Profile Monitor at the SLS T. Wehrli
9:30 Discussion  
9:45 In-Situ Measurement of Heat-Bumps at the CHESS A2 Beamline P. Revesz
10:15 Discussion  
10:30 Coffee  
10:45 Development of High Stability Stands for BPMs B. Kosciuk
11:15 Discussion  
11:30 Summary Discussion and Draft Report A. Broadbent
12:00 Finish for the Day  

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