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If you are interested in participating in a research study or just learning more about research this site may be able to help you.  Most medicines and therapies used today were developed through research studies involving human participants. 

All research involving human participants is reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) who is charged with protecting the rights and welfare of participants in research studies.  The IRB for human subjects research performed at BNL is the Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CORIHS) located at Stony Brook University.

There are many reasons people chose to participate in research studies.  Maybe you or a loved one has a condition that needs a cure or maybe you simply want to contribute to society.

Below are some questions to consider before deciding to participate:

1) Will the study take a lot of my time?  The investigators should make it clear how many visits you will need to participate and how much time each one will take.

2) What are the potential risks and/or side effects?  The investigators must clearly inform you of any possible risks or side effects during the informed consent process.

3) Will there be any benefits?  Since most of the research at BNL is basic science, there are usually no direct benefits to you, but we hope there will be future benefits to society.  These must be explained during the informed consent process.

4) Who will be conducting the study? The Principal Investigator (PI) is the investigator with overall responsibility for the research.  They may be a physician or other qualified research professional.

5) How will my confidentiality be maintained?  This should be made clear during the informed consent process.  You should be told who has access to your personal information and how that information will be used and stored.

6) What if I no longer wish to participate?  All research participation is voluntary and participants can withdraw from a study at any time for any reason with no penalty. 

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Last Modified: October 3, 2013