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The Association of Students & Postdocs (ASAP) board, along with the Learning and Development Office is committed to providing social and professional resources to graduate students and postdocs at BNL. As part of this goal, we are planning to host a career workshop titled "Preparing for Careers in Industry" that will be presented by SciPhD Training.

The career workshop introduces 24 business competencies valued in industry, relates them to post-doc research experiences, and demonstrates how to identify those competencies and relate them to job ads and descriptions. It is designed to help you demystify job ads, identify the explicit and implicit job requirements they contain, and use that information to compete for jobs that you desire.

Topics & Sessions

This is an interactive lecture covering the topics below:

  • The kinds of companies and jobs available for scientists
  • Develop your personal brand: your scientific, business, and social identities
  • Analyze a job ad to identify the business and social skills required
  • Develop a targeted resume from your self-assessment results and experience statements
  • Strategies for submitting resumes, how to develop your "elevator pitch", and communications etiquette
  • Effective networking and building your network
  • Preparation for interviews

Workshop Presenter

  • Randall Ribaudo, Ph.D., Partner, President, CEO of SciPhD Training

    Randall RibaudoHuman Workflows LLC co-founder Dr. Randall Ribaudo has over twenty years of experience in the Scientific Research and biotechnology field. Dr. Ribaudo co-founded Human Workflows after more than five years at Celera Genomics. More...

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