Utility Energy Service Contract - Phase I (UESC-I) Project


The Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC) is BNLís effort to implement energy conservation projects in order to upgrade the site infrastructure and to help meet DOE mandated energy reduction goals. We awarded a contract to National Grid (using Siemens Energy as the principal initial investigator) to conduct a Feasibility Study and Investment Grade Audit (IGA) for the following:

  • Lighting upgrades in 17 buildings
  • Energy Management Controls and Retro-Commissioning in 9 buildings
  • A new 1250 ton chiller and related components (pumps, cooling tower cell, etc) at the Central Chilled Water Facility

The Feasibility Study and IGA will form the basis for soliciting firm fixed pricing to implement these projects in a separate process (UESC-Phase II). If the pricing and contract terms are acceptable a contract between DOE/BSA and National Grid will be developed for the design and construction. Design/construction work is estimated to begin in mid-late 2012.

List of Buildings being Audited

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