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Gold-Gold Ion Collision at PHOBOS

The figure shows the response of our Silicon Detectors to particles produced in collisions of two gold ions.  The green points show where the particles hit the silicon.

We used similar events to measure charged particle multiplicity in these collisions:


The plot above shows the number of charged particles at mid-rapidity normalized to the number of participating nucleons and compared to similar results at CERN and at pp and p-anti p colliders. This result has been accepted by Physical Review Letters and is availalable here(PDF) and at the Los Alamos preprint server


Charged Particle Multiplicity Near Mid-Rapidity in Central Au+Au Collisions at sqrt(s)=56 and 130 AGeV. Submitted to Physics Review Letters on July 19, 2000 also submitted to LANL preprint server as hep-ex/0007036 

PDF version of paper.


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