The Phobos Magnet

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Assembly of the magnet at the AGS (near the EVA experiment) November/December  1998

coils1_small.jpg (2785 bytes) coils2_small.jpg (2964 bytes) coils3_small.jpg (3117 bytes)
magags1_small.jpg (3046 bytes) magags2_small.jpg (2485 bytes) magags3_small.jpg (2808 bytes)
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waver.gif (285 bytes) Picture of the Phobos Magnet Stand at BNL on November 4, 1998

magstand_small.jpg (2709 bytes) Phobos Magnet Stand at BNL. The four columns bolt into the lower yoke and give vertical adjustment. The two frames on the sides tie the frame down to the tunnel floor and provide for horizontal adjustment. 

spider.gif (651 bytes)Pictures of the Phobos Magnet arriving at BNL on November 3, 1998

mag1_small.jpg (3498 bytes) The Phobos Magnet making its entry into BNL! 
mag2_small.jpg (2673 bytes) The upper and lower yoke of the Phobos Magnet were transported in two different containers. Shifting of the yokes inside the container was prevented by a wooden structure. 
mag3_small.jpg (2973 bytes) A closer look at the top of the lower yoke piece. The (unpainted) pole surface is protected by a plastic sheet.
mag4_small.jpg (3170 bytes) The lower yoke is unloaded from the container onto the AGS floor. 
mag5_small.jpg (2890 bytes) Phobos Collaborator and photographer Steve Gushue posing with the magnet!
mag6_small.jpg (2827 bytes)
mag7_small.jpg (2877 bytes)
mag8_small.jpg (3016 bytes)
mag9_small.jpg (2683 bytes)

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Below are images when the Magnet was still at Danfysik:

WB01504_.gif (804 bytes) Pictures of the Phobos Magnet Yoke pieces taken on October 4, 1998

phob20_small.jpg (1419 bytes) The fully assembled Phobos Magnet
phob21_small.jpg (1567 bytes) This picture shows how the fully assembled manifolding and buss-bars look like. 
phob22_small.jpg (1698 bytes) Detailed close-up of the manifolding for one of the poles. Note that the copper conductor of the suppy/return power is also water cooled all the way from the buss-bar connection. The hoses are of different lengths. They should be fitted appropriately. 
phob23_small.jpg (2721 bytes) Detail of the manifolding and buss-bars in the corner. 
phob24_small.jpg (3025 bytes) A picture of the return manifold and of the electrical connections. Note that the electrical connection is at two different levels. 


WB01505_.gif (493 bytes)Pictures of the Phobos Magnet Yoke pieces taken on September 28, 1998


Image40_small.jpg (1488 bytes) The Phobos Magnet!
Image41_small.jpg (1433 bytes) The Phobos Magnet from the side of the interaction region.
Image42_small.jpg (1641 bytes) The orange tubes feed the cooling water to the four coils. Note how the manifolding goes along one of the columns, so as not to shadow any TOF elements. 
Image43_small.jpg (1616 bytes) A more detailed look at the coil connections. 
Image44_small.jpg (1553 bytes) A detailed look at the other coil and also showing how the manifolding and bussbar is tucked underneath the magnet. 
Image45_small.jpg (1549 bytes)
Image46_small.jpg (1537 bytes) A look at one of the cooling water feeds and the electrical connections. The water feeds are on both sides of the magnet, the electrical connection is on the outer wall side of the tunnel. 
Image47_small.jpg (1555 bytes) Another look at the manifolding, from the outer wall side. 


WB01504_.gif (804 bytes) Pictures of the Phobos Magnet Yoke pieces taken on September 21, 1998

Image30_small.jpg (1592 bytes) The upper yoke of the Phobos magnet. The bussbar and manifolding are clearly visible.
Image31_small.jpg (1596 bytes) Closer look at the bussbars. The bussbars consist of two tinned copper conductors. Note the electrical connections that will be made on top of the yoke. 
Image32_small.jpg (1571 bytes) The painted lower magnet yoke.
Image33_small.jpg (1521 bytes) The lower magnet yoke. The nipples on the manifolding will connect the cooling tubes to the coils (the coils are not installed on this picture). There are five in and outlet connections per coil. 
Image34_small.jpg (1661 bytes) Note the way the bussbar goes around the corner. Both the positive and negative terminal of the electrical connections have to follow the same path to cancel any additional magnetic field coming from the bussbar as much as possible.
Image35_small.jpg (1648 bytes) One more look at the upper yoke.
Image36_small.jpg (1598 bytes)


WB01507_.gif (516 bytes)  Pictures of the Phobos Magnet Coils taken on September 3, 1998

Image14_small.jpg (1587 bytes) Impregnated coil mounted on one of the pole tips. Straps hold the coil down and you can see the coil connections on the left. The water connections will have a 45deg elbow, bending the waterflow down towards the manifolding which runs horizontally (on the left   in the picture).
Image15_small.jpg (1633 bytes) More of the coil on the pole tip. You can see the upper yoke sitting on a stand on the right in the picture.
Image16_small.jpg (1605 bytes) A view of the coil from the vertex position. 


WB01501_.gif (476 bytes) Pictures of the Phobos Magnet at Danfysik taken on August 18, 1998.

The unfinished yoke. Note the large holes in the yoke that are used to keep the three separate yoke pieces together. 
40 tonnes of beauty. 
Notice the tapers on the pole tips. 
The yoke gap. 
The magnet standing in the Danfysik shop. 
Coil just befor impregnation. 
A Coil on the coil winding equipment. There was some concern that the coils would turn out to be higher due to 'keystoning' problems. This turned out to be a minor effect, the coils are only 3mm higher than originally designed. 
A Coil is being insulated just before the impregnation. 

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