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Questions about the Brookhaven Lab Photowalk? Please email Justin Eure or call 631-344-2347.

Guidelines for Participating Photographers

All participants must arrive at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Berkner Hall by 9:45 am on Saturday, Sept. 22. Please visit our maps & directions page for information on getting to the Lab. At 10:00 am, there will be a brief, mandatory safety overview meeting for all Photowalk participants.

All participants will be pre-registered and must have a government-issued ID to enter through the main gate. Please allow extra time to enter and make your way to Berkner Hall.

  1. You must be 18 years of age to participate in the Brookhaven Lab Photowalk.
  2. Employees of the lab and their families are not eligible to participate.
  3. Only photographers with confirmed registration will be able to participate.
  4. You must wear closed-toe shoes without high heels.
  5. When you arrive at Brookhaven Lab on Sept. 22, you must fill out and sign a photo release form if you wish to submit the photos taken during the event to the Photowalk contest.
  6. During the Photowalk, you must adhere to all Brookhaven Lab safety rules and follow the instructions given to you by your Photowalk guides.
  7. No eating and drinking in the technical areas. Water will be provided on the bus. No smoking in any building on site.
  8. Stay at all times with your assigned Photowalk group and guides, and use the buses provided by the lab to travel to each location.
  9. Stay within the assigned areas and stay out of areas marked with CAUTION tape. No wandering off. No opening of doors without authorization.
  10. No use of ladders will be allowed, and no standing on chairs, tables or camera cases. Climbing on lab equipment or machines is prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  11. Look around, walk around and take pictures, but do not touch any equipment or objects. Rearranging or moving items at the Photowalk locations is not allowed. No opening of cabinets, drawers, etc.
  12. Large rolling cases for photo equipment will not be allowed. Each photographer participating in the Photowalk must be able to carry all photo equipment at once, and carry all personal items onto the bus that brings each group to the photo shoot areas. You may not bring and use an assistant, unless you require assistance due to a disability.
  13. Photographers will not be allowed to plug in any electrical devices during the walk. Make sure you have enough charged batteries to last you for the entire event (about three hours). The use of long cords (flash cords, sync cables, camera releases) that could be a trip hazard will not be allowed.
  14. The use of tripods will be allowed.
  15. Be courteous to your fellow photographers.
  16. Have fun.