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Robert D. Pisarski, Senior Scientist

Research Interests

QCD under conditions of extreme temperature and density. Lately, developing an effective theory for Quantum Chromo-Dynamics about the critical temperature. Also, cold, dense quark matter, which is "quarkyonic".

Recent Talks

  • Theory vs experiment: an effective model for deconfinement
    Invited talk at Heavy Ions: Experiment confronts Theory, Niels Bohr Institute, 7/11 - 10/11/11.
  • An effective (matrix) model for deconfinement
    Invited talk at Extreme QCD, San Carlos, Mexico, 18/7/11 - 20/7/11;
    Seminar at the J. W. Goethe University, Frankfurt, 8/7/11;
    Invited talk at BNL Quarkonium Workshop, BNL, 16/6/11.
  • For Heavy Ions, will LHC be "like" RHIC?
    Talk at From Strong Fields to Colorful Matter, Asheville, NC, 25/10/10;
    Seminar at New York City College of Technology, 23/8/10;
    Seminar at J. W. Goethe Univ., Frankfurt, 9/9/10;
    Invited talk at The first heavy ion collisions at the LHC - HIC10, CERN, 1/9/10.
  • Summary Talk, Workshop on Chiral Symmetry and Confinement in Cold, Dense Quark Matter
    ECT-EMMI International Workshop, Trento, 23/7/10.

Robert D. Pisarski