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Jianwei Qiu, Senior Scientist and Nuclear Theory Group Leader

Research Interests

Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) and its applications in both high energy particle and nuclear physics.

Other Affiliations

  • Brookhaven Professor (Stony Brook University)
  • Professor Emeritus (Iowa State University)

Key Publications

  • J. C. Collins, J.-W. Qiu, kT factorization is violated in production of high-transverse-momentum particles in hadron-hadron collisions, Phys. Rev. D75, 114014 (2007)
  • X.-D. Ji, J.-W. Qiu, W. Vogelsang, and F. Yuan, A unified picture for single transverse-spin asymmetries in hard processes, Phys. Rev. Letts. 97, 082002 (2006)
  • G. C. Nayak, J.-W. Qiu and G. Sterman, Fragmentation, factorization and infrared poles in heavy quarkonium production, Phys. Rev. D72, 114012 (2005)
  • J.-W. Qiu, I. Vitev, Resummed QCD power corrections to nuclear shadowing, Phys. Rev. Letts. 93, 262301 (2004)
  • J.-W. Qiu, G. Sterman, Singel transverse-spin asymmetries in hadronic pion production, Phys. Rev. D59, 014004 (1999)
  • M. Luo, J.-W. Qiu, and G. Sterman, Anomalous nuclear enhancement in deeply inelastic scattering and photoproduction, Phys. Rev. D50, 1951 (1994)
  • J.-W. Qiu, G. Sterman, Single transverse spin asymmetries, Phys. Rev. Lett. 67, 2264 (1991)
  • J.-W. Qiu, G. Sterman, Power corrections to hadronic scattering. 2. Factorization, Nucl. Phys. B353, 137 (1991)
  • J.-W. Qiu, Nuclear shadowing at small values of x, Nucl. Phys. B291, 746 (1987)
  • A.H. Mueller, J.-W. Qiu, Gluon recombination and shadowing at small values of x, Nucl. Phys. B268, 427 (1986)

Jianwei Qiu