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Vladimir Skokov, Research Associate

Research Interests

Structure of the QCD phase diagram, Heavy-ion physics, Particle production in the early stage of the heavy ion collision.

Recent Publications

  • Net-charge probability distributions in heavy ion collisions at chemical freeze-out. P. Braun-Munzinger, B. Friman, F. Karsch, K. Redlich, V. Skokov. BNL-96540-2011-JA. Nov 2011. 21 pp.
  • Probing deconfinement in the Polyakov-loop extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model at imaginary chemical potential. Kenji Morita, Vladimir Skokov, Bengt Friman, Krzysztof Redlich. YITP-11-95. Nov 2011. 10 pp.
  • Event-by-event fluctuations of magnetic and electric fields in heavy ion collisions. Adam Bzdak, Vladimir Skokov. BNL-96541-2011-JA, RBRC-927. Nov 2011. 10 pp.
  • Transport coefficients of O(N) scalar field theories close to the critical point. Eiji Nakano (Kochi U. & Darmstadt, EMMI), Vladimir Skokov, Bengt Friman (Darmstadt, GSI). Sep 2011. 37 pp.
  • Non-perturbative dynamics and charge fluctuations in effective chiral models. V. Skokov, B. Friman, K. Redlich. Aug 2011. 12 pp.

Vladimir Skokov