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Physics Conference Rooms

Conference Room Reservations - Each Physics Group Administrator has access to the EMS calendar to reserve conference rooms for their respective group(s). Reservations for the standard seminar/colloquium timeslots will be handled by Erica Lamar (x2585, ) or Leesa Allen (x2700, ).

Erica and Leesa will also provide room reservation support to the Department in the absence of the Group Administrator, and will handle requests from outside the Department. Room reservations will be on a first come first served basis. Any reservation change or cancellation can only be made by the person that made the reservation or by Erica and Leesa.

When food is catered for conferences, workshops, or meetings in all meeting rooms in building 510, an Integrated Facility Management (IFM) Work Service Request must be submitted by the requestor for custodial support for removal of food trash, wipe down of tables, vacuuming/mopping, etc.

Conference Room Capacity CISCO Phone Speaker Phone Projector Power Wireless
Large Seminar Room 150 x7070 x7070 Yes Yes Yes
Seminar Lounge 150 x4721 --- --- --- Yes
Small Seminar Room 50 x5258 --- Yes No Yes
Orange Room (1-39A) 20 x3364 x7067 Yes Yes Yes
Conference Room 1-224 30 x8637 x8637 Yes Yes Yes
Conference Room 2-78 20 x2941 x2832 No Yes Yes
Conference Room 2-95 20 x6393 x7809 Yes Yes Yes
Conference Room 2-160 40 x3609 x7074 Yes Yes Yes
Conference Room 2-219 30 x2660 x2660 Yes Yes Yes
Conference Room 3-191 30 x2650 x2650 Yes Yes Yes
Conference Room 3-192 40 x5986 x7375 Yes Yes Yes
All extensions shown above are prefaced by (631) 344-xxxx.

Projector: Permanent projector available for connection to a laptop.
Power: Power outlets on the underside of the conference table.
Wireless: "Corus" wireless network available in room.