Notes from the Nov. 11-12, 2005 Workshop

by Tom Ludlam

At this meeting we set in motion the concluding phase of the RHIC II Science Workshop activity. A Writing Committee has been established to prepare a draft RHIC II Science Report (“white paper”), based on the Working Group results, that spells out the science goals for the future of RHIC. The committee is co-chaired by Tony Frawley and Carl Gagliardi. The attached notes prepared by Tony and Carl summarize the workshop discussion on Saturday, 11/12. These include a detailed outline of the white paper, some specific homework projects for the Working Groups to feed into the writing process, and a schedule for completing the process.

Sam Aronson, BNL’s Associate Director for HENP, made brief comments on the recent bad budget news from Washington. At present we don’t know the full details of the FY 06 budget, or what this portends for the long term future. It seems certain that the start of the next run will be delayed until late summer. In the meantime we expect R&D for machine and detector upgrades will go ahead, and that construction of near-term upgrades, including the major projects EBIS and the STAR TOF, will proceed as planned.

Sam noted that BNL is presently preparing a “Mid-Term Strategic Plan” for the next 5-6 years of RHIC operation, including upgrades of the PHENIX and STAR detectors to enhance physics capabilities for this period and be ready for RHIC II luminosity on this time scale. DOE has requested that this Plan be submitted by the end of January 2006. The science that we are discussing in these workshops is directly related to the science case for the upgrades in this plan, and the two efforts will become more closely coupled as the Mid-Term Plan is completed. An interim report of the Mid-Term Plan study, presented to BNL’s HENP Program Advisory Committee on Nov. 3, can be found here. The PAC also heard reports from the RHIC II Science Working Groups. The written comments from the PAC will be available for distribution soon, and will provide further input for the Writing Committee process.

The final RHIC II Science report will consist of the summary white paper plus a compilation of the written reports from the Working Groups. The schedule given in the notes from Tony and Carl shows that the white paper will be completed on a time scale that puts it in play for DOE’s budget decisions for FY 2008, as well as providing the supporting science case for the Mid-Term Plan. The ultimate goal is to provide a scientific basis for RHIC input to the next Nuclear Physics Long Range Plan. On this schedule, the Working Group reports should be completed by the end of December.

We don’t yet know the time scale for the Long Range Plan. Thus, it is generally agreed that detailed studies and simulations on some of the key physics measurements will continue through the coming year, and the white paper will be updated later on as input to the Long Range Plan.

Results of RHIC II workshop discussion, November 12, 2005

Compiled by Tony Frawley and Carl Gagliardi

The charge to the working groups for the content of their reports:

  • Review status of topic
  • Lay out future physics program
  • Establish upgrade, luminosity needs
  • Establish feasibility of proposed measurements

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