New Directions Working Group Meetings

(J. Nagle, P. Steinberg)

Here is a draft agenda for the New Directions Working Group activities during the RHIC II Science Workshop, April 28-30, 2005.

We would like to preface this schedule by explaining our approach towards this workshop, since its inception last November. Rather than being a working group trying to find the most compelling set of questions about a subtopic, we are hoping to serve as a clearinghouse for some of the more general questions relevant to the physics we are doing at RHIC and RHIC II.

We would also like to preface this by offering a mild apology. We did not realize until last week that the workshop would be mainly parallel sessions. Thus, we have chosen to make Thursday an somewhat more informal discussion than originally envisioned, with the more moderated discussions to take place on Friday.

That said, here is our plan:

Thursday, April 28. 1:30-4:30pm (Room 2-160)
During the afternoon, we will lead a 2 hour informal discussion of issues related to the future of heavy ion physics, both at RHIC II and at the LHC. This will be meant to get people thinking for the parallel sessions the next day. We will also host a post-session table (with refreshments) at the BNL center, if participants are interested.

Friday, April 29. 1:30-3:30 (Room 2-160)
 This will be a more formal discussion, with a starting point being a document we prepared in March based on a small round-table discussion we had in March as preparation for this workshop. We will start with a 45 minute presentation by the organizers laying out some discussion points (e.g. the nature of deconfinement, the difficulty of accessing chiral symmetry restoration, the role of viscosity, etc.) and then open up the floor for discussion.

Saturday, April 30. 9:00-12:30 (Room 2-160)
In these few hours, we would like to open the floor to people with ideas that have not yet been represented in the other working groups, something similar to the "open meeting" we had in October 2003. The idea is that everyone is encouraged to present a 10 minute (maximum) presentation on any physics or detector issue that you feel is important to at least discuss in the context of the RHIC II program. Examples could include detector upgrades not yet in the plan, forward physics issues, asymmetric collisions, and strange experimental facts that deserve theoretical treatment.


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