First RHIC II Science Workshop

November 2004

If you have problems reading any of the PDF files, see this troubleshooting page.

The Workshop agenda is available here in MS Word format.

  • Werner Vogelsang, A Menu for Spin Physics at RHIC II (PDF)
  • F.Videbęk, Forward Physics at RHIC and LHC (MS Powerpoint)
  • James Dunlop, STAR Physics at RHIC II (MS Powerpoint)
  • Helio Takai, Heavy Ion Physics with the ATLAS Detector (PDF)
  • D. Kharzeev, New opportunities in high pT and small x physics (PDF)
  • S. Aronson, BNL Perspective on the RHIC II Science Workshops (MS Powerpoint)
  • Michael Murray, CMS 2008:2014 (MS Powerpoint)
  • Rene Bellwied, R2D: New physics concepts for the RHIC-II phase (MS Powerpoint)
  • Ralf Rapp, Perspectives on RHIC-II: Heavy Ions and Hot+Dense Matter (MS Powerpoint)



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