Working Groups and Convenors

The purpose of these Working Groups is to provide an organized way for the community to refine the science agenda for the RHIC II upgrades, and make a compelling case for these upgrades to the broad nuclear physics community. A document summarizing the Working Group results, with a sharp focus on the science case for RHIC II, will be produced early in 2006.

Electromagnetic Probes

Heavy Flavor

High pT

Equation of State

Forward Physics and pA

Spin and pp

New Directions

The New Directions group is charged to explore novel ideas, theories, and experimental approaches, not covered in the usual discussions of the structure of the scientific program at RHIC and LHC, which might contribute significant new angles to the RHIC II research program. All members of the RHIC community, broadly defined, are encouraged to contribute to this working group.


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Last Modified: March 19, 2009