RHIC Detector Advisory Committee

Peter Braun-Munzinger (GSI, Darmstadt), Chair
Russell Betts (U. Illinois, Chicago)
Don Geesaman (Argonne Nat. Lab.)
Carl Haber (Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab.)
Berndt Mueller (Duke Univ.)
Rick Van Berg (Univ. Pennsylvania)
Jerry Va’vra (SLAC)

Charge to the Committee:

The Detector Advisory Committee is asked to assist the BNL Physics Department in initiating an upgrade process for the RHIC detectors, and in following its progression through the R&D phase to an appropriately scaled and sequenced set of construction projects. Of immediate interest will be the Committee’s advice regarding the merits and feasibility of the proposed R&D. This will require consideration both of the technical promise of the proposed effort and the expected benefit for the RHIC program.

The Committee will be asked to meet regularly, at least once per year, to review progress, consider new or follow-up proposals, and to provide technical and scientific advice on the proposed upgrade construction projects. Ultimately, scientific decisions regarding major upgrade projects will be made with the advice of the Laboratory’s High Energy/Nuclear Physics Program Advisory Committee. It is our expectation that the Detector Advisory Committee will provide on-going advice and oversight specific to the RHIC detector program, to help ensure that the development and planning for these upgrades is well-matched to the scientific goals of RHIC and takes best advantage of current technology.

Next Meeting: November 22, 2003, at BNL

Click here for Report of the Dec. 2002 Meeting

RHIC Detector Advisory Committee Meeting

November 22, 2003 

Open presentations:  Physics Dept. Large Seminar Rm. 



T. Kirk  (10)


RHIC Physics update

S. Aronson  (20)


Machine performance: 5-year projections

T. Roser  (20)


RHIC Planning update

T. Ludlam  (15)



PHENIX Si Tracker proposal

Y. Akiba  (30+10)


Break    (20)



Proposal for an MRPC TOF Detector for Star

R. Majka  (30+10)



PHENIX upgrades status and R&D plans

A. Drees (15+5)


R&D for an endcap Si vertex tracker

G.J. Kunde (10+5)


Progress on R&D for an HBD in PHENIX

I.Tserruya (15+5)



Overview of STAR upgrades plan

S. Vigdor (15+5)


Status and R&D plans for the STAR Microvertex Detector Development


H. Wieman (20+5)


Status and R&D plans for GEM/TPC development in STAR and PHENIX

N. Smirnov, C. Woody (15+5)

  1:15            Committee working lunch and executive session  (Room 2-160)

 3:30            Close-out (Room 2-160)

4:00             Adjourn