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As of 03/05/14

Procurement Staff Procurement Program Commodity Phone # E-Mail
Sheri Alexander
Contracts Specialist I
Project PS Construction, A&E BOAs, Sundry Procurements< $25K 8285

Phil Bernath
Principal Buyer I
Project PS Purchasing Requirements > $25K 3947

Lauren Biegelman
Assistant Contracts Specialist
General Inventory Purchasing 7512

Roseann Callister
Principal Buyer II
Project PS   3142

Michael Canavan
Principal Buyer
General All   4274
Vince Costanzo
Contracts Specialist II
General All Subcontracts 5539

Susan Cuevas
Buyer II
General All Sundry Procurements< $25K 7414

Cheryl Eleazer
Sr. Buyer
General All E-Procurement 7745

Elise Forrette
Buyer II
General All Contract Labor, Subcontracts 4771
Kevin J. Fox General All Purchasing Manager 6185

Phil Gardner
Sr. Contracts Specialist
General All Subcontracts Construction, Site work 5475

Thomas Giandon
Contracts Specialist II
General All   4166

Beth Gilman
Buyer I
General All Sundry Procurements< $25K 4144

Lisa Kerr
Buyer I
General All Computers, Copiers, Peripherals, Software and Maintenance, Purchasing 7528
Francine Militscher
Sr. Contracts Specialist
General All < and > $100K Requirements 5538

Frank Nemeth
Principal Buyer II
Project PS Requirements > $25K 4320
Jody Mitchell
Sr. Contracts Specialist
Project (Russian) < and > $100K - Non Proliferation & National Security Dept., Subcontracts 2141
Lee Pearce
Contract Specialist I
General All Subcontracts 5785
Carol Pulley
Contract Specialist I
General All < and > $25K - Job Shoppers, Temps, Services, Consultants, and Software Maintenance.  2244
Janet Schlock
Subcontracts Supervisor
Project NSLS II Supervisor 4147
Janet Soper
Sr. Buyer
General     4863
Vonciel Stewart
Assistant Buyer
General All E-Procurement, Purchasing 3901
Jose Velez
Contract Specialist III
General All   4161
Jeanmarie Volkmann
Sr. Contracts Specialist
Project NSLS II Subcontracts 4929
George Woods
Manager Subcontracts & Projects
  All   2223

Small Business

Jill Clough-Johnston, SBLO
631 344-3173 or

Buyer Commodity Listing 12/12/08

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