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PPM Helpdesk Email:
Building 902B: (Fax) (631)344-5499

PPM Manager Guadagni, Anthony 631-344-3049
Deputy PPM Manager Paveglio, David 631-344-8461
Procurement Compliance Manager Anthony Salvo 631-344-2868
Sr. Administrative Assistant Simpson, Barbara 631-344-7643
Asst. Staff Specialist Atkins, Sharon 631-344-3217
EPP Rep (Environmentally Preferable Purchases) & ES&H Representative Lettieri, Lawrence 631-344-7460
Quality Rep to PPM Weilbrenner, Charles 631-344-3801
Small Business Program
Small Business Program Clough-Johnston, Jill 631-344-3173
Strategic Programs
Small Business and Competition Advocate Paveglio, Dave 631-344-8461
Credit Card Program Reed, Jo Ann 631-344-7009
Data Systems Collins, John 631-344-4466
Property Manager King, Donna 631-344-4599
Administrative Services Assistant Demarco, Christine 631-344-4157
Property Administrator Poli, Marylou 631-344-5867
Inventory D' Agostino, Frank 631-344-2597
Distribution Dina Tullo 631-344-2325
Shipping & Receiving Donley, Matt 631-344-2300
Procurement Operations
Subcontracts & Projects Manager Woods, George 631-344-2223
Purchasing Manager Fox, Kevin 631-344-6185
Purchasing (Lab Supplies) La Forge, Kyle 631-344-3843
Purchasing (Pubs, Furniture) Cuevas, Susan 631-344-7414
Purchasing (IT Hardware / Software) Gilman, Beth 631-344-4144
Purchasing (Electronics) Kempner, Arielle 631-344-6099
Purchasing (Job Shop, Grad Students) MacArthur, Laura 631-344-7278
Purchasing (Computer & Peripherals) Mata, Rosemary 631-344-3581
Purchasing (Inventory) Soper, Janet 631-344-4863
Purchasing (ePro, Large Procurements) Canavan, Michael 631-344-4274
Purchasing (Gases) Eleazer, Cheryl 631-344-7745
Purchasing (Calibration, Repairs) Stewart, Vonciel 631-344-3901
Subcontracts (Env and Waste Mgt) Baxter, Emily 631-344-3575
Subcontracts (Purchased Services) Costanzo, Vincent 631-344-5539
Subcontracts (Non Proliferation / High Tech) Schlock, Janet 631-344-4147
Subcontracts (Construction)Gardner, Philip 631-344-5475
Subcontracts (Special Procurements) Giandon, Thomas 631-344-4166
Subcontracts (Special Procurements) Militscher, Francine 631-344-5538
Subcontracts Mitchell, Jody 631-344-2976
Subcontracts (University / R&D) Pearce, Lee 631-344-5785
Subcontracts (Purchased Services) Pulley, Carol 631-344-2244
Subcontracts (Construction / Purch Serv) Velez, Jose 631-344-4161
Photon Science Procurement
PS Procurement Alexander, Sheri 631-344-8285
PS Procurement Bernath, Philip 631-344-3947
PS Procurement Callister, Roseann 631-344-3142
PS Procurement Volkmann, Jeanmarie 631-344-4929

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