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Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)

Procurement and Property Management provides customers with timely, cost-effective procurement and property management services integrated with and supporting the Laboratory's science, technology and cleanup missions in accordance with the prime contract and customer expectations.

Services Include:

  • Procurement of high quality supplies and services that meet customer requirements,
  • Identification and control of government property,
  • Maintaining an efficient stores operation,
  • Expeditious shipping, receiving and delivery services.
Procurement Property Management
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Forecast Procurements

Req/PO # Project Description Pre-Solicitation/Pre-Award/Award Req./CO Value BSA Procurement Lead Estimated/Actual Award Date
346039 Hazardous Waste Disposal Pre-Award $2.0M Emily Mastronardi 6/28/2018
342584 Elsevier B.V. Subscription Services Pre-Award $2.6M Vince Costanzo 6/29/2018
343102 RF Transmitter Pre-Award $2.0M Phil Bernath 6/29/2018
341276 Cryo EM Microscope / Sampling Microscope Pre-Award $8.0M David Paveglio TBD
TBD Cryo EM Building Pre-Solicitation $5.0M David Paveglio TBD
TBD CFR Building Pre-Solicitation $47.0M David Paveglio TBD
TBD HEX Beamline Hutches Pre-Solicitation $1.9M Phil Bernath TBD
TBD Hadronic Calorimeter Scintillating Tiles Pre-Solicitation $1.6M Emily Mastronardi TBD
TBD Tungsten Powder Pre-Solicitation $1.3M Emily Mastronardi TBD
TBD HEX Beamline Non Optics Components Pre-Solicitation $2.0M Phil Bernath TBD
TBD HEX Beamline Super Conducting Wiggler Pre-Solicitation $1.5M Phil Bernath TBD
TBD HEX Beamline Satellite Building Construction Pre-Solicitation $3.2M Jose Velez/Phil Gardner TBD
TBD SUSC Federal Building at Upton Square Pre-Solicitation $80.0M TBD TBD

Safety Requirements for a Safe Workplace

Delivering to BNL


All materials purchased for BNL must be processed through Central Receiving (unless a Receiving Exception is documented and approved) to maintain adequate control and separation of responsibilities. See the Procuring Supplies and Services SBMS subject area for more information.

The Approved Receiving Exceptions can be found on the Standard Exceptions List.

All deliveries must arrive at Building 98 on Rochester Street by 4 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.  Any delivery past the daily deadline or outside normal work days will NOT be accepted unless advanced notification was provided and arrangements were made through Receiving (631)-344-2300.

For deliveries requiring special handling / rigging (e.g. oversized, heavy loads greater than 2 tons), advanced notice of at least 72 hours (3 business days) must be provided by supplier to Receiving personnel by calling(631) 344-2300 AND emailing, so arrangements can be made with the appropriate BNL personnel; otherwise demurrage will be at the shipper's expense.

  • Click here for Shipping Instructions. (Updated 7/12/2018)

The only exceptions to delivering to Central Receiving are premium shipments and purchased materials for approved satellite receiving locations: buildings 452, 510, 725, 740 and 918.

Credit Card Program

Brookhaven National Laboratory uses the J.P. Morgan Chase VISA credit card as its site-wide purchasing card.

Product Recalls/Product Bulletins/Safety Alerts

Any and all product recall alerts, product bulletins, or safety alerts should be communicated by email directly to Provide the Purchase Order Number(s) and names of purchasers with notification to assist BNL in locating and identifying the subject material.

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