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The Research Project Lifecycle

Have an idea for a new research project or thinking about responding to a call for proposals? Here's what you need to do.

Support for the Research Development Process

These Lab groups can help you develop your proposal and conduct your research.

Strategic Partnerships Programs Office

Oversees partnership agreements including Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA), Agreements for Commercializing Technology (ACT), Strategic Partnership Proposals (SPP) and Technical Services Agreements (TSA). Contact this group early in the proposal process to establish agreements and timelines for authorization procedures. 

Business Office

The Business Office calculates budgets for proposed projects. Although an accurate budget is not required for an early-stage white paper, be aware that different overheads exist for different project types. Please allow at least 1 week for this group to calculate a budget for your final submission proposal.

Technology Commercialization

Manages Brookhaven's intellectual property assets by protecting and commercializing innovations conceived by our researchers while providing guidance on intellectual property and licensing.

Proposal Center 

Helps prepare competitive proposals to submit to a funding agency/sponsor. Support includes formatting, compliance checks and obtaining required signatures. Contact them early in the process to allow time to do so.

Media & Communications

Provides information about Brookhaven to internal and external audiences. They maintain a wealth of communications resources including videos, photographs and facts sheets through their group page. Several brochures and fact-sheets can be found here.