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Receive an Award

Get all the right people involved

Upon notification of an award, inform your Business Office manager immediately. They will play a key role in obtaining an approved agreement and securing funds. You will need support from your Business Office, the Budget Office, the Research Partnerships and Technology Transfer Office, and perhaps others. Your Business Office Manager will help you organize this. Don't wait; failure to involve your Business Office Manager can result in significant delays. Note that work cannot begin until the following conditions are met.

  • There is an approved agreement/funding document
  •  Advance payment is received (if required)
  •  The funding is obligated in the BSA Prime Contract (if required)
  • Project accounts have been established

Your directorate Business Office will inform you when project accounts are open.

Grants with cost share

There are certain engagements with partners that contain cost participation. Cost participation is a generic term denoting any situation where the Government does not fully reimburse the contractor for all allowable costs necessary to accomplish the project or effort under the contract. The term includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cost Sharing
  • Cost Matching
  • Cost Limitation, which may be direct or indirect
  • Participation in-kind

Please read Broad Agency Announcements, Request/Calls for Proposals, and other solicitations carefully. When there is some level of cost participation anticipated, please consult your Business Operations Manager and the Budget Office to ensure we remain in compliance with DOE rules.

Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF)

The TCF Program has cost share requirements that are unique. It provides matching funds to awardees. If you are successful in being awarded a TCF Project, do not attempt to commence work until you have received clearance from the Technology Transfer Manager. Failure to do so may create financial obligations for Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC for any costs incurred.

Documents Necessary to Start Work

Several documents need to be prepared in advance of receipt of funding and starting work. These are assembled into a package that is transmitted to the Brookhaven Site Office (BHSO) for review and approval. Key documents include the following.

  1. Final Budget. Contact your Business Office and request a final budget for your project.
  2. Statement of Work. The SOW is a critical document that describes the work to be provided to the Sponsor and is the basis for the budget provided to the Sponsor. Update your SOW if necessary to assure consistency with the Final Agreement.
  3. Proposal Information Questionnaire (PIQ). A PIQ appropriate to your sponsor type needs to be completed to receive approval of your agreement.  Complete the PIQ in the Proposal Information Management System (PIMS). Your Business Office or the Growth Office can advise you on how to complete the PIQ.
  4. Agreement. The Sponsored Programs Office will prepare the agreement, negotiate all outstanding issues and secure all necessary approvals and signatures to execute the agreement

Note: It is critical that these final documents are completely consistent with each other.

Additional documents may also be required, depending on nature of the research and terms of the Agreement including:

  • Full Cost Recovery Waiver (if sponsor is a Small Business, Not-for-Profit, University, NIH or DHS)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (negotiated by the Intellectual Property Legal Group)
  • Addendum to PIQ for Foreign owned or controlled Sponsor.

Your final package is assembled, now what?

The final Statement of Work with the final budget, the Proposal Information Questionnaire (PIQ), the Agreement, and any other necessary documents are submitted to BHSO by the Office of Sponsored Programs. The Office of Sponsored Programs and the Budget Office work with BHSO to reach agreement and secure funds (pre-payment) from the sponsor. Once this is complete your Business Office will contact you with the project account(s) and authorization to start work. You're ready to execute your project.

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